List Of Fundraising Ideas

List of Fundraising Ideas

Here's a great list of
Fundraising ideas

This site is arranged into several main sections all with their own particular fundraisers. Please see the navigation bar to the left for the different areas of interest such as schools, churches, charities etc

But of course many of these fundraisers can be easily incorporated or tweaked and used across the board.

Don't forget we are always on the lookout for new ideas. If you know or have used a great fundraiser we would love to hear about it and add it to these pages.

How great is that - your neat fundraising idea helping someone else raise money for good causes on the other side of the world!

So here are all  the best fundraisers just ready for you to give them a go!

List of fundraising ideas (general)

Angel Festival

Balloon Fundraising Ideas

Barefoot Books Fundraising Programme

Beetle Drive

Bingo Night Fundraiser

Bonfire Night - 5th November

Brick Fundraising

Build A Charity Website


Candle Fundraisers

Candy Bar Fundraising

Charity Abseil

Charity Bungee Jump

Charity Car Wash

Charity Christmas Cards

Charity Head Shave

Charity Race Night

Charity Quilts

Charity Walks -With A Difference

Children's Art Exhibition

Church Hymns - How to use them to fundraise

Colour Run

Cookbook Fundraising

Cookie Dough Fundraising

Cotton Candy Maker

Dog Show

Ferret Racing


Firefighters Charity Climb

Flamingo Flocking

Flower Bulb Fundraising

Fortune Cookies

Fun Quizzes

And - Free Quiz Questions

Fundraising Auctions

Fundraising Buttons / Badges

Fundraising Christmas Wreaths

Fundraising Event Ideas - How to Make Money From Them

Fundraising Ideas For Kids - Teddy Bears Picnic

Furniture Donations

Go-Kart Derby

Halloween Fundraisers - 31st October

Harvest Suppers With A Difference

Innocent Big Knit

Kick A Ball To.........

Knitting For Charity

Lollipop Fundraisers

Magazine Fundraisers

Marathon Running

Midsummer Day - 24th June

No Uniform Day / Mufti Day

Online Charity Auctions

Organise A Sports Tournament

Parachute Jump

Penny Wars

Pizza Fundraiser

Plant Sale

Popcorn Fundraiser

Potato Challenge Fundraiser

Rainbow Festival

Recycling For Charity

Recycle Ink Cartridges

Recycle Mobile Phones

Rubber Duck Race

Rubber Wrist Bands ( Awareness Bracelets )

Sample Fundraising Letters

Santa Run

Scarecrow Day

School Calendars Fundraising

School Dance

School Sleepover

Scratch Card Fundraiser

Scrip Fundraising

Simple Fundraising Ideas For The Office

Smencils - A great fundraising idea for kids

Spelling Bee Fundraiser

St Georges Day - 23rd April

St Andrews Day - 30th November

Street Charity Collections

Teacher Baby Photo Competition

Tea Towels

Tithes and Tithing

Toddler Triathlon

Tupperware Fundraising

Valentine Fundraising Ideas

Wild West Day

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Write a Book For Charity

3 Saints Days With A Difference

50:50 Raffle

List of fundraising ideas (fetes and fairs)

Whether its coconut shies, fortune telling or welly wanging, fetes and fairs are great fun and can be good money-makers. For many organisations putting on a good fete is very important.

If you cannot organise your own fair it still might be possible to take a few simple ideas and use them at someone else's event. Often several local organisations will provide stalls, booths or attractions at a town fair or similar. Or fete ideas may be added to any other fundraiser you had going on.

Below are fundraisers that are perfect for fetes, fairs and any other appropriate opportunity:

Simple Ideas For Fundraising Activities

Colouring Wall

Count The Candy / How Many Sweets In The Jar


Crockery Smash

Cow Patty Bingo (and Cock-A-Doodle-Poo)


Double Decker

Golden Egg


Human Fruit Machine

Kids Bikes

Lucky Birthdays

Lyme Regis Duck Competition

Splat The Rat

Fortune Telling

Nintendo Wii

Paper Aeroplanes

Snail Racing


Tombola (Kid's Teddy Tombola)

Trash and Treasure

Treasure Maps and Lucky Squares

Welly Wanging

Wet Sponge Wipeout

Worm Charming

As well as this list of fundraising ideas this site also contains all sorts of other useful information for anyone working with schools, churches, sports groups, charities and other non-profit groups.

The general information pages contain a lot of useful tips and hints for telling good stories and getting publicity. There are also useful tips about working with volunteers.

New ideas are being added to this site all the time. Sign up to our RSS / Blog Feed to receive up to the minute details of all the great ways you can make money for your organisaton. Simply click the buttons on the left.

Could you add to this list of fundraising ideas?

Submit your fundraiser.

Working for a cause you believe in or a non-profit group you want to support is fulfilling and fun. Do not get stressed trying to find the latest, best, newest fundraiser. And certanly do not get browbeaten by the many fundraising companies trying to sell you products.

Instead simply use your imagination and have fun!

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