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Hold a Go-kart Derby

Ready - Set - Go!

Fundraising events ideas come in many shapes and forms. A Go-kart Derby can be a charity event all on its own, or can make a great addition to a Summer Fete.

For years kids (and dads) have loved building home-made go-karts. Pram wheels, bike wheels, old wooden boxes and off-cuts of timber are all put to good use by ingenious would-be racing drivers.

Building go-karts is one of those old fashioned activities that, even in the age of computer games is still just as popular as it ever was.

And of course, charity, school and church groups, ever on the lookout for novel fundraising events ideas, have soon caught on to this. Go-kart Derbies in various shapes and forms have become popular charity fundraisers.

Go-kart basics

You should insist that all your Go-Karts are home-made. The basic design is a plank with four wheels often with a wooden soapbox at one end for the driver to sit.

But a Go Kart challenge brings out a competitive streak. Half the fun is seeing the wacky designs people will come up with. Try to encourage as much eccentricity as possible. Some people do like to really "go for it" with their designs.

Unless you are racing downhill all go-karts will need a driver and a pusher.

Decorated go-karts

Go-kart fundraiser

Dressing up the Go-karts is half the fun.

You can encourage this by offering a prize or trophy for the best looking / wierdest / most wonderful go-kart.

If the drivers and pushers dress up too so much the better.

You may like to have a parade before any races where the hard work and efforts of the racers can be admired.

A neat little fundraising tip is to line up all the racers for half an hour with a collecting bucket in front of each one. The public can then vote for the best with their spare change.

Holding a go-kart derby as a stand-alone charity event

Organising a Go-Kart Derby as a stand-alone event is reasonably straight forward.

Its one of those charity event ideas that can start off small but then build up over a few years.

The important thing is to ensure enough competitors to make sure your event does not flop. Some go-kart events though will really hit the spot and can become quite big affairs and a regular fixture on your town's calendar.

Try to get as much support as possible from local businesses - local firms may even like to submit a team!

Make sure too that you work with the local press and radio. Fundraising events ideas with a difference, like a parade of decorated go-karts, could make a great feature and photo-opportunity.

The local radio station may even like to interview the competitors in advance etc.

You may be able to arrange your derby to take place in a local park or sports field. Some exciting challenges can involve local hills etc. In smaller communities it may be possible to race your karts on the streets. To do this you will need the permission and cooperation of the local council and police.

Raise money by charging a modest entry fee but the majority of your money will be from having the go-karts as your main attraction and then working all your other usual fundraisers around them. So you will probably have some other fete stalls, raffles, tombolas etc.

There is also good money to be made in refreshments. So get busy baking or better still get the barbecue out.

Adding a go-kart derby as an attraction at another fundraising event

Using your go-karts as a side attraction at a Summer Fete or Fair is another great idea and helps make your event stand out and attract visitors.

Mark out a simple course where competitors can either compete directly against each other or against the clock.

You could also set up a course and provide a simple go-kart yourself and then challenge people to complete a given course against the clock. The best times of the afternoon winning prizes. Charge a simple fee to all competitors and this could be a very lucrative fete attraction. And a lot of fun!

You should probably have different categories for kids, men and women etc.

Want to add a bit of spice?

How about the Mum and Dad Team Challenge at your School Fete?! Whose parent's are the fastest?

Or what about

Blind Man Bumpers the blindfolded driver being directed around the course by the pusher shouting instructions.

Go-karts make great fundraising events ideas.

So go on give go-karts a go.
Before you know it your fundraising will be Formula One!

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