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Question - Why do fundraisers from all around the world visit this web-site every day?
Answer - Because its packed full of brilliant ideas to raise funds for schools, churches, charities, sports teams and all sorts of other organisations!

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We give you simple explanations of all the best tried and tested fundraising ideas (but often with our own unique twist on how to make them better) and also fantastic new ways to bring home lots of lovely cash for your group or good cause.

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  • School Fundraising
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Every idea-packed page has easy guidelines telling you exactly what you need to do. Plus all the special tips telling you how to make your fundraising ideas come alive !

Discover how to:

  • Find themes for your events.
  • Get free publicity and advertising.
  • Use our fundraising letter writing guides.
  • Share your own brilliant ideas and experiences with other people.

So whether you are a school fundraiser, a church fundraiser, a member of a sports club or other non profit organization, or maybe there is simply a great charity you want to support, you have come to the right place.

Bake Sales - Popular and Tasty!

Bake Sales

Are a really great way

To raise money

In your workplace

Cake Slice of victoria sponge

Supporting the causes and organisations close to our hearts helps to build better communities. We passionately believe that raising money should bring people together, and most importantly-


We wish you lots of success whatever fundraisers you choose!

PS.Some people prefer to write fund raising and fund raiser. We don't care which you use as long as the cash comes in for your organisation!

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