Fundraising Ideas For Kids

Fundraising Ideas For kids

Get your children involved.
Here are the best fundraising ideas for kids!

Its great to get children involved in fundraising from a young age.

Showing kids that you can actually have a lot of fun helping others is an important part of parenting and helps to build the sort of communities we all want.

The important thing with fundraisers for kids is that they should be

  • Safe
  • Easy to understand
  • Not too long
  • Fun
Fundraisers For Kid

Many of the fundraisers on this website can easily be adapted to make them perfect for children of all ages. So do check out the other sections.

Look at the different ideas and see if you can give them a twist that will make them great for youngsters

Below however are our favourites especially selected as being fun and easy fundraising ideas for kids.

List of Fundraising Ideas For Kids.....Just Add Children!

General Fundraisers For Kids:

Bake Sale Fundraisers
- Proof that chocolate krispie cakes can change the world!

Bake Sale Recipes
- Read other kids recipes and share your own bake sale favourites.

Barefoot Books - A great company to run a book fundraiser with.

Beetle Drive -
A really easy fundraiser the kids can organise themsselves

CakeFest -
This simple fundraising event is a piece of cake.

Easy Fundraisers For The Beach
- Have fun fundraising at the seaside.

Fundraising Buttons / Badges
- Wear your heart on your sleeve - well on your shirt anyway!

Kids Fundraisers

Kids Charity Car Wash -The classic kid's fundraiser but it works every time

No Uniform Day
- But it could also be fancy dress day!

Recycling For Charity
- An ongoing fundraiser that can bring in a regular amount

School / Youth Group Sleepover- Always popular (especially with parents!)

- These are a really popular fundraising product with children.

Spelling Bee Fundraiser
- Who'd have thought a spelling test could be such fun!

Teddy Bears Picnic
- If you go down in the woods today - Great for pre-schoolers

Toddler Triathlon
- The ultimate sporting challenge!

Kid friendly fundraisers for the village fete or school fair:

Angel Festival - Give your fundraising event wings

Colouring Wall - A simple idea but kids love it

Kid's Bikes
- How can you use kids bikes (and scooters) in your fundraising

Kids Competitions for the Summer Fair - Simple kid's craft competitions

Guess The Number Of Sweets In The Jar - And all sorts of neat variations

Go-Kart Derby
- And other go-kart events

Golden Egg
- Lots of variations of this fete classic are possible

Lucky Birthdays - A simple fundraiser using people's birthdays

Paper Airplane Ideas - All it costs you is a sheet of paper

Snail Racing
- Molluscs Make Money!

Splat The Rat
- 1-2-3- Splat!

Teddy Tombola
- A must for any kids fair

Treasure Map
- Stake your claim to the hidden gold

Welly Wanging
- Throw your wellies in the air!

Wet Sponge Wipeout
- Throwing wet sponges at teachers - It can't get better than that!

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