Recycling for Charity

Recycling for charity

Green up your fundraising and get recycling for charity

Recycling for charity has become a common part of many groups' fundraising activities. In fact there are very few charity organisations these days who have not tried a recycling fundraiser.

We are all aware of the impact the lives we lead have on the planet. We also already know most of the things we can do to lesson that impact. Re-using the component parts of products is a key part of that.

From a fundraising point of view there are certain products that can actually make us money if we collect and re-use them properly.

A quick internet search will soon find companies willing to buy goods from you.

Recycle ink cartridges

recycle ink cartridges

Nearly all inkjet cartridges can be recycled. These can be the small cartridges from home printers to the larger ones from business machines.

There are any number of firms willing to buy these from you. Most will provide prepaid envelopes or collection boxes for your organisation.

Laser cartridges were not always so easy to re-use but now more companies are accepting them.

Find out more about ink cartridge recycling

Recycle mobile phones

Recycle Mobile Phones

This market is enormous and many charity groups and organisations are already collecting mobile phones as part of their fundraising programmes.

Lots of companies will set you up with a deal recycle mobile phones. And will pay you a fixed amount for every one!

Often it can be as simple as handing out simple plastic envelopes (pre-addressed with a special code)to your supporters. People simply post their old phones off and the code on the envelope ensures your organisation gets paid.

Find out more about mobile phone recycling

Collect scrap gold

Collect scrap gold for charity

The price of gold ( and other precious metals such as silver) has currently never been so high.

Asking supporters to donate old, broken and unwanted pieces of gold can actually bring in a tidy sum.

Seek advice from a local jeweler who buys and sells.

The old broken ear-ring or chain in the back of a drawer may be pretty worthless on their own. But as part of a collection of scrap gold they can be a great little earner.

Note be wary who you sell your collected gold to. Seek out reputable dealers for the best prices.

Organise a charity recycling drive

All recycling fundraisers also work well if you have dedicated recycling drives. Let people know what you want, where they should take their stuff and when. A month long period of activity is usually about right.

A well adverised recycling drive really can help encourage people to look out all the bits and pieces that might help you raise some extra cash.

Purchase goods made from recycled materials


It is not just about recycling for charity; your organisation can play a major part in encouraging a more sustainable approach to living. A big part of the environmental debate concerns our buying habits. Please try at all times to purchase products made from second use materials. This grows the market share for these items and encourages business activity along greener lines.

Support your local scrap stores

Many areas now have scrap store organisations who collect usable waste from businesses. This can range from paper and card to shop fittings or paint. This is then offered out to local community groups and organizations. Save the cost of new by using their services.

So don't save eco-blitzes up for Earthday. Get a decent collection and purchase strategy in place. Looking after the planet can be a win-win situation.

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