Fundraising Ideas For Children
Toddler Triathlon

Fundraising ideas for children come in many shapes and sizes.
But are you ready for ultimate test of Toddler Endurance?
Could your little one face the extreme challenge, overcome exhaustion, Beat their rivals, compete for the final prize.
And all just to raise money for a good cause?
You bet!

The Triathlon has long been held as the true test of sporting excellence.Now you can turn your little one into a super athlete raise money for your favourite causes and have a lot of fun with this great kid's fundraising idea.

A Toddler Triathlon consists of 3 gruelling disciplines-

Tramp - Trike - Treasure

1. Tramp

Toddler Triathlon - Kids Running

The young athletes are on the starting line. The atmosphere is electric. Nervous tension fills the air. The young olympians size up the competition -"Mummy......There's Amy from playschool .. and Joss the boy from down the road"- and weigh up the challenges to come!

The bell rings and its an explosive start!

Before them stretches 100m of arduous toddling. Its an awe inspiring site as twenty of the town's youngest and finest set off.

Support crews (Mums) trail in their wake. Some will fall along the way but the challenge continues! This is true athletic excellence - we are heading for stage2.

2. Trike

Toddler Triathlon - Trike

The trikes are parked in a neat line half-way along the course.

The youngsters leap on to theirs and zoom off! Its pedal power frenzy!

Their pit teams (Dads) have been working all night to get these high speed tricycles at peak performance. They now run behind shouting encouragement and trying to head off dangerous overtaking manoeuvres and unnecessary shunting.

100m of burnt rubber later they face the final challenge.

3. Treasure

Toddler Triathlon - Treasure

Abandoning their trikes the competitors now fan out to search for the treasure. Who knows what it will be? Sweets, cakes, bean bags, coins, coloured stones?

The minute they have found it the final part of the drama unfolds. The mad dash to the finish line. Exhausted but triumphant the young athletes breast the tape. The crowd of excited onlookers (Granny and Grandad) go crazy.

Award Ceremony

After the punishment is over the exhausted heroes relax. Performance boosting drinks (orange squash) and energy foods (chocolate buttons) are distributed.

Its time for the Award Ceremony. All the participants receive a certificate. A local dignitary does the honours. Proud parents take photographs. The drama of the event is retold many times.

The local press rush to photograph and interview the competitors.

A Toddler Triathlon is one of those great fundraising ideas for children that just works. By adjusting the course you can use the idea with both younger toddlers 2-3 (Juniors) or slightly older pre-schoolers 3-5 (Veterans).

How do you raise money?
The kids can collect sponsorship - who could resist?

If you put on a good event, however, a few stalls, refreshments and a raffle will all help increase the fundraising pot.

A Toddler Triathlon also makes a great fete idea for children.

So, isn't it time you got your Toddler in Training?

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