A Fundraising Car Wash

An easy and fun way to raise funds

A  Fundraising Car Wash for Charity is simple to organise. Fun to do. And is a great way to raise funds.

Find a venue for your charity car wash

First decide where the car wash will take place. This might be:

  • School Playground
  • Sports Club Car Park
  • Supermarket Car Park (permission will be needed)
  • Workplace car park (have your car washed while you are at work)
  • In people's own driveways

The choice of venue really depends on whether you plan to target passers-by or wash the cars of people prepared to drive to your site. Access to a water supply is also obviously a must have!

How to advertise your charity car wash

Make sure you advertise your fundraising car wash strongly using:

  • PostersFlyers
  • Local media -many local newspapers and radio stations will not charge to plug charity events
  • Word of Mouth -It is so easy to forget but if everyone in your organisation group or school bags just one customer....?
  • Pre-selling vouchers for the Car Wash in advance of the event.

In all your communications make sure you have all your contact information and details of who you are raising funds for.

The equipment you will need

You will need

  • Hose pipe
  • Buckets
  • Clean Rags
  • Chamois leather
  • Soft cloth for polishing
  • Car shampoo
  • Volunteers who don't mind getting wet (because they will)

How to wash cars

To wash the car first gently hose the car all over (make sure the windows are shut!). Then using the sponges and car shampoo wash the grime away using wide circular movements.

All car washing should start at the top of the car and work its way to the bottom.When the roof is done work down the sides front and back. Next move on to the lights and grill. Lastly do the sills and wheels. Rinse the car again then with the chamois leather dry the surface thoroughly. Finally use a soft cloth to polish.

The key to good car washing is to change the water in your buckets regularly.

Be careful of dropping cloths and sponges on the ground where they may pick up dirt and small pieces of grit which will scratch the surface of the car.

Would you like a cup of tea?

If customers are to remain around while you wash their car ensure that you have somewhere they can sit and wait.

Don't miss an opportunity could you be offering / selling them some lovely home made refreshments!

Certainly make sure that there is plenty of information around about your organization.

Don't want to get wet?
Working with commercial car washes to raise funds

Many commercial car wash companies have cottoned on to the fact that a charity car wash is a common fundraiser for many non profit organisations.

Some will now offer a deal to local groups in their area and provide vouchers for your organisation to promote there car wash for an agreed share of the takings when a customer you "provided" uses their facility.

If appropriate you may like to team up with a company in your area.

St Swithins Soapy Spongers
A car wash is a great fundraising idea for kids.

Find out how a group in England organised their fundraising car wash.

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A car wash is a simple fundraiser that is really good fun and is a great moneymaker.

Time to get your shammy out!

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