These scented pencils are a great fundraising idea

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Smencils are one of the best fundraising ideas for kids you will find

Smencils ?

Every so often a unique fundraiser comes along that just delivers.

Smencils fundraiser

Smencils have, in a short space of time, become one of the most popular wholesale fundraising products on the market.

Perfect for all sorts of non profit organization but particularly school fundraising and little league fundraisers, these brilliant scented pencils are one of the most popular fundraisers in North America and are now expanding around the world.

What are Smencils ?

Smencils are scented pencils made from recycled newspapers. The company use an innovative process to tightly wrap the newspaper around coloured or graphite (normal pencil gray) cores.

These are then hardened to make a complete pencil.

The pencils are then scented with specially made fragrances and each has an eraser, stickers and branding added. Each one comes in a little freshness tube and the company guarantee the fragrance for two years.

What do Smencils smell of?

All sorts of different things including:

Smencils Flavours
  • Biubble Gum
  • Water Melon
  • Tropical Blast
  • Orange
  • Grape
  • Cinnamon

and many other unusual scents that appeal to kids.

There is even a Peppermint which is supposed to be an aid to students' concentration!

Green fundraising products

Green fundraisin

Smencils use recycled products in their manufacturing.

The tubes and packaging also are made from environmentally friendly corn starch.

They are therefore a reasonably environmentally friendly fundraiser. This makes them perfect for school fundraisers and special events such as Earth Day.

How to fundraise with Smencils

The company offers a comprehensive fundraising set up. They sell in the USA for $1.00 each and you make about 46% profit. A bucket of 50 of theses unique scented pencils will make you $230! There are also several different kinds of sets and make your own kits which also sell well.

The great thing is they are a relatively easy sell and really popular with kids. This makes them them ideal for school fetes, summer fairs and other children's fundraisers.

They also are easy to store, keep and sell at all your fundraising events over the course of a year or by having special promotions.

There are a large number of companies offering wholesale fundraising products and many of these are Smencils distributors. As usual check the deals from a few companies. You may not get much movement on the price which is pretty standard but make sure you are happy with the service and customer care of the company you choose.

Customise your Smencils

There are all sorts of other novel fundraising ideas you can use Smencils for. Just use your imagination.

A very easy win is to make an admittance charge to your fete or other event but give away a Smencil to every child.

They can also be easily customised specifically for your group or organisation. Many groups use this to sell pencils specific to their cause or to launch new websites or other services.

So for the sweet smell of fundraising success!
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