Beetle Drive

A Beetle Drive is a cheap and easy fundraiser
Perfect for kids but adults can have a lot of fun too! 

A beetle drive is a very simple fundraiser based on the popular kids game beetle. It requires very little to put on and organise.

Beetle is an old family favourite so suitable for all sorts of fundraising events with adults and children playing together. It also makes a brilliant church or school fundraiser and is something that an older group of children could organise and run themselves.

How to play Beetle

The aim of the game of Beetle is to be the first player to draw a complete beetle. The body parts are each given a number.

  • 6 - The Body - (1 per beetle)
  • 5 - The Head - (1 per beetle)
  • 4 - The Wings - (2 per beetle)
  • 3 - The Legs - (6 per beetle)
  • 2 - The Antenna - (2 per beetle)
  • 1 - The Eyes - (2 per beetle)

Players take turns to roll a die and can add the corresponding body part to their beetle. They must however throw a 6 first for the body before they can add any other part.

Players may only add the correct number of body parts to their beetle for instance only 2 wings, a further throw of number 4 resulting in no addition and the die being passed on. Some player's beetles will be drawn quite rapidly other players will flounder unable to throw the correct score on the die to complete their beetle. The minute one player has completed their picture they shout Beetle and that is the end of that game

How to organise a Beetle Drive

A Beetle Drive is a mass game of beetle. Players sit around tables in groups of four. Each player has a sheet usually with 9 or 12 boxes in which to draw their beetles. On "GO" the game starts with each group of players trying furiously to complete their beetles. The minute any player in the room complete their beetle they shout "BEETLE" and the whole room stops immediately.

All players then add up the number of body parts they have added to their own beetle scoring one point for each part to a maximum of 14 for a completed beetle.

The highest scorer from each table then moves to the next table in a clockwise direction whilst the lowest scorer moves anti-clockwise.

When everyone is sitting at their new tables the organiser shouts "GO" another round is played. This continues for up to 12 rounds if time allows. Each player keeps a running total of their scores and at the end of the last round the person with the highest score is crowned Champion / King of the Beetles / Golden Beetle and given an appropriate prize.

During play winners of individual rounds could also be given small prizes.

Free Download

Download, print off or photocopy for your own fundraising event

Beetle Drive Download

- Beetle Drive Game Sheet

How to run a Beetle fundraiser

Beetle makes a particularly good fundraising idea for children but the idea will work for all sorts of groups. A nice easy family fundraiser. To make money charge each player a set amount for their Beetle Sheet which only cost a few pence to print or buy. You will also have to provide a die and pencils for each table

Remembering the fundraiser's mantra -
"If you see a crowd sell 'em something"

Don't forget to then sell refreshments, hold a raffle and have a stall of other fundraising products for people to buy.

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