No Uniform Day / Mufti Day

Kids love no uniform day and it makes
A great school fundraiser!

Everyone loves to dress up (or down). Also known as Mufti Day this is one of the most common and popular school fundraisers.

Pupils pay either a set fee or make a donation to leave blazers, ties and sweatshirts at home. Wearing your own clothes to school is a dream for many kids and Mufti Days are always much anticipated highlights of the school year.

Setting some guidelines for no uniform day

It is up to the school to set its own limits and guidelines as to what is appropriate as an alternative on no uniform day. Older girls in particular may try to push the envelope a little bit further than what might be acceptable!

Similarly no-one wants to see best clothes get spoiled at school. Expensive items and top branded training shoes can also cause a few problems.

On the other hand the whole point of no uniform day for the children is to dress up a bit.

Everyone likes to "put on the style" once in a while. Kids are no different.

Dress up as...... days

A variation on this idea adopted by some schools is
Dress Up As..... Days.

Pupils put together fancy dress that matches the theme. Here are some examples of common themes:

  • Characters from History
  • Characters from TV
  • Characters from Films
  • Characters from Books (often combined with World Book Day)
    Like Warhorse here in the photo.

You can see that the possibilities for good themes are endless. It is also easy for schools to incorporate dressing up into topics that fit with their curriculum. In fact dressing up can be a great way to engage pupils.

Schools may like to have a few fancy dress items to hand for any pupils who forget or are unable to make their own costumes. That way no-one need feel left out.

Competitions and prizes for the best fancy dress can also help to make "Dress Up As... Day" extra special. It may also attract the interest of local press.

School teaching staff and helpers may also like to join in with no uniform day. There is something so very cool about the school minibus being driven by Batman! Or the dinner ladies all wearing blonde wigs to look like Madonna! You could even have the kids voting for the best dressed adult.


Mufti Day

This really is such a popular fundraiser it can tend to be used a little too much. Below are some alternative options:

Hat Day

To keep things simple how about just wearing an interesting hat. Either make your own brilliant creation with a prize for the best. Or simply allow kids to wear their fancy dress favourites from home.

Wacky Hair / Wacky Wig Day

This is another easy variation as people compete to see who can come up with the wackiest hair ideas. Wash in colours, super-stiff gels and plenty of ribbons and bows at the ready. Alternatively how about a totally different look with a wacky wig.

Beard Day

Everyone comes along wearing a false beard. These might be authentic looking stick on jobs or could be drawn on with make up pencils. Schools whose name begins with a B have a particular advantage, for instance The Bradstoke Beard Day sounds like a winner before you even start.

Another fun variation could be dress up as anyone famous or from history as long as they had a beard

The local press would love something like this.

We have a Pinterest Board especially for Mufti Day

Mufti Day is a very easy win as a school fundraiser. It is popular. Costs nothing to put on. And most importantly of all brings in the cash!

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