Fundraising Ideas for Kids
A Colouring Wall is a Great Fete Idea.

Fundraising ideas for kids

Fundraising ideas for kids should never be complicated

This is one of those ideas for a fete or fair that perhaps will not be your biggest money earner. It is however always popular with children and adds to any fundraising event

The best fete ideas are always the simplest ones and a colouring wall makes a great addition to all sorts of fundraising activities.

The basic idea of a Colouring Wall is very simple.

Choose a theme for your wall. Fairgrounds and circuses are good. Or you may be able to use the theme of your event such as Wild West, Halloween, Winter Holiday etc.

Kids fundraising

You provide, for a small charge, a number of small blank photocopied images. You can probably find these blanks on the internet. If not you need an obliging "artist" to draw them for you.

Kid at a fete

The young artists get to it with the pens, crayons and coloured pencils.You could also get really crafty and supply bits and pieces such as ribbon, card, foil etc along with scissors and glue for cutting and pasting.

Kids fete picture

The finished works of art are admired!

Simple kids fundraising ideas

The pictures are added to the Colouring Wall.

(to be returned to and marvelled over several times by mums, dads, grandma's, friends and anyone else the young Picasso's can drag over!)

Ok as fundraising ideas for kids go its not going to make you a fortune. You will however find that its a really popular part of your fundraising event. Parents too will appreciate the chance of a sit down while their kids enjoy themselves.

Of course you will have carefully positioned your colouring wall by your refreshment stall. "Extra slice of cake mum seeing as Sophie hasn't finished her picture yet.... of course you do! That's 50 pence please!

At the end of the day it is all about putting on an event that is friendly and fun with lots of different things to do. A colouring wall is simple, family fun.

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