Easy Fete Games
How many sweets in the jar?

Keep it simple -
Fete games do not have to be complicated to bring in the cash

Count The Candy / How Many Sweets In The Jar is a really easy addition to any fundraising event. Its often used at fetes and fairs but is also easily incorporated into any other fundraising activities.

Fete Games

A large jar is filled with a carefully counted number of sweets. People then try to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Guesses are recorded on a sheet of paper numbered off so that no-one chooses the same number as a previous guess.

At the end of the event the nearest guesser wins either the jar itself or another prize.

This fundraiser is so simple and easy to do, but, can bring in a nice amount of money. It is also easy for children to take part in or organize.

The important thing is to ensure that the jar looks attractive. Colourful sweets that won't melt should be used. The jar can be decorated with a nice ribbon etc

As long as the cost of the jar and sweets are covered everything after that is money raised.

Using things other than sweets

Guess how many shells in the jar

You don't have to restrict your self to sweets. Nuts, buttons, pennies, marbles etc all make great alternatives.

different fete ideas

It might be that there is something particularly appropriate to your cause or organization.

What about a jar of golf tees at the charity golf fundraising event?

A jar of Lego works well and is a really popular fundraiser for kids.

A jar of shells at the seaside fundraiser.

Or jar of marbles at the school fete.

A bit of imagination and you can easily find a fun way of tying this fundraiser in.

You don't even need a jar. How about guess the number of currants in the fruit cake? - To win the cake itself.

Guess the number of logs

Country Fair Fundraiser
Guess the number of logs fundraiser

Here is another neat variation we have seen at country fairs. Local firewood suppliers offering a load of logs to the person who guessed closest.

Able to charge more per guess this idea could be a good money spinner. Even if you had to make a cost price payment for the logs. Or the firewood supplier might be willing to make a free donation in return for publicity

Or how about this one?

Closest guess of the day wins book tokens.

Just to make life easy you can download a free
Guess How Many Books? Answer Form

Books Fundraiser
Guess the weight of the luggage fundraiser
Guess the weight of the luggage posterThis team were raising funds for a charity trip to Tanzania.

Topical opportunities

Of course you should not only think about fetes and fairs. There could be all sorts of opportunities connected to local or national events perfect for an oportunistic quick fundraiser. Don't forget its not only about making some money - there is always value in promoting the name of your good cause too.

We noticed this one taking place in a local store during the Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Guess How Many Tennis Balls Are In The Box
Tennis Ball Fundraiser

Gruesome guesswork for Halloween fundraisers

different fundraisers

This is one of those easy fete games guaranteed to appeal to youngsters of a "certain disposition"!

They'll be falling over themselves to run or have a go on this stall.

It makes a great variation on the count the candy theme at any Halloween Fundraising event. But you could also try it as a novelty at other events.

Count the maggots - Buy your maggots from a fishing tackle shop and count them into a pot or jar. Charge for a guess as usual.

You will obviously need to provide a different prize... unless your event is full of very keen fishermen!

This great fundraising idea is really worth a go. Easy fete games and activities like this always work well. Life does not have to be complicated.

Whatever you start off counting you will end up counting the cash!

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