The Barefoot Books
Fundraising Programme

Barefoot Books

These wonderful children's books
Make a great fundraiser.

The Barefoot Books Fundraising Programme (program for US)  is a great way to raise funds for schools and charities simply by selling fantastic children's books.

The books are beautifully illustrated and focus on wonderful children's stories from around the world. The books are sold directly, either online or via sales agents.

Barefoot Books has a strong ethical stance and many of the books reflect themes of world friendship and understanding all wrapped up in great stories and illustrated by amazing artists.

The books are very popular with parents and children and you can earn a good income working either part or full time with Barefoot as an agent . Its particularly popular with busy mums who find it works well around looking after their own children.

Barefoot Books Fundraising Programme is perfect for schools, churches and charity groups.

Who are Barefoot Books?

The Company was started over 15 years ago by two mums Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland. Over the years it has grown to become a major force in Children's Publishing whilst retaining a strong ethical and environmental stance.

The company has used a grass roots network of sales agents which they call "Barefoot Stallholders" to build a unique Barefoot Community.

The company now operate across both North America and Europe. They have however never moved away from the core idea of producing really great books for children.

Whats so special about Barefoot?

The company offer books that appeal to children across all age ranges. The books often reflect the lives and experiences of different children around the world. These wonderful tales are then beautifully illustrated by talented artists to produce a product that really stands out.

Put simply Barefoot produces the sort of books that
Parents like to buy and that kids love reading.

Barefoot Books Fundraiser

How are the books sold?

The books are sold in 2 ways

  • Through a local sales agent called a stallholder. Stallholders might hold book selling parties at someone's house or have a stall at local markets, fetes, fairs or other events.
  • Online - The company has a much visited, easily used website. The site contains pictures and descriptions of all the books with helpful recommendations and special offers.

How can this be turned into a fundraiser?

Barefoot Books Fundraising Programme can work in 3 ways:

1. Have an online link to the Barefoot Books website - This is simplicity itself. Simply register with Barefoot and they will send you some Links to little adverts which you put on your organisation's website. Anyone who uses that link is then tagged as "your customer". If they then make a purchase (or purchases) you receive a minimum of 20 % of the retail price.

There are all sorts of interesting little links or adverts you can use. All of them will carry your ID and mean you get paid for every purchase via that link.

How easy is that?

Not got a website - No problem simply let all your supporters know the link and use it in any emails they send. In this way you are sending your supporters and their friends to a great website of a reputable, ethical company. If they choose to buy something your organisation gets a percentage.

This is a real winner. Once its set up it runs along quietly in the background making you a regular income.

2. Work with a stallholder - Invite a stallholder to an event your organisation is holding, such as a summer fete or winter fair. They will either pay you a fee to attend or a percentage of their profits. This is a great , no hassle option and an extra attraction at your event. Stallholders tend to be great characters and many will offer storytelling, competitions and other little extras.You can find local stallholders on their website.

3. Set up yourself or your organisation as a stallholder - This is easy to do. Once you are a stallholder you can sell books and make commission at any event you wish.

Many people become a stallholder simply to support their favourite good causes. They hold regular small events or attend fairs etc and donate the money they raise. Anyone who wants to do this will receive lots of help from Barefoot.

(As with many direct selling operations there are all sorts of other incentives and extras that can be gained along the way. Sometimes these can be a bit daunting to "newbies" but can actually be easily explained and will make you extra income.)

With Barefoot there are no targets you have to hit each month etc. You can do as much or as little as you like. The more you do the more you earn for your organisation it is as simple as that.

Barefoot Books are an honest straightforward company who produce great books. The Barefoot Books Fundraising Programme is a great way to share in their success.

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