Tithes and Tithing

The purpose is not to secure the money but the giver- Anonymous

Tithing is the practice of giving away a proportion of your income to charitable causes. The amount can vary but is usually 10%.

This method of donating is not for everyone and does raise some ethical issues. Some people dislike the practice intensely and feel it encourages feelings of guilt and compulsion that are not healthy. Others however enjoy the feeling of regular commitment.

Advocates of this way of allocating your income suggest that it actually encourages self betterment and a strong work ethic as your cause will prosper (or suffer) as you do.

Alternative ways of giving

For those uncomfortable with the concept. Or those who feel they cannot cope with the financial implications there are alternatives.

Rather than money:

  • Give in kind - Give away a percentage of something that you produce.
  • Give of your talent, skill, experience or information - This might mean working for free or offering your services to a cause that might need them
  • Give time - Help out, volunteer, sign up to do something on a regular basis

As well as supporting good causes you may find that offering out in this way can actually help you financially. You are effectively advertising your skills and abilities to a new audience of potential customers.

Corporate Giving

Of course setting up a system of giving regularly is not simply for individuals. There are many companies who donate a proportion of their turnover to good causes.

This practice is popular with customers and employees and can help boost staff retention and recruitment.

Whether corporate or individual the tax regimes in most countries look kindly on regular giving. Advice should always be sought from the appropriate revenues service to ensure that any donations are tax efficient.

"The only good thing about wealth is that it allows you to be generous"

Anita Roddick Founder of The Body Shop

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