Fete Ideas Using Coins

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Fete ideas using coins to bring in the cash!

Ideas for fetes don't come much simpler than these old favourites. They all work well however and are easy to set up and run. They can also all be used indoors or out.

Unfortunately inflation and modern coinage have rather taken their toll on Roll A Penny and other games. The simple solution is to have a stock of old fashioned pennies or other coins to use with your fundraisers. Simply offer contestants five gos at the game for a certain price and supply the old pennies yourself. There is something nice and traditional about big old coins anyway and using them like this will increase your takings and add to the old fashioned feel of the games.

These coin based fete ideas might not be your top earners but they will bring in some cash and all add to the fun of your event.

Roll a penny

This simple fete idea is as old as the hills. But it's popular and seems to have a particular hold over certain people.

Roll A Penny

A board is edged and painted and has a grid of squares marked on it. Each square has a cash prize marked in it.

Contestants roll coins down little wooden ramps with a coin sized groove cut into them on to the board. If the coin lands on a square and clears the lines it wins that cash prize. Coins touching a line lose.

Obviously the size of the coins used and the squares are important. Smaller coins in larger squares will obviously win more times. Some smaller coins however are sometimes worth more so losing smaller coins can increase your takings.

If no particular size of coin seems a realistic option you could always use large old fashioned pennies.

To add to the fun you could also offer particular prizes for golden squares etc.

Shove halfpenny

This is an old pub or bar game but also make a great fete idea.

A board about 2cm thick is marked with with straight lines just bigger than the size of the particular coin to be used. It is usual to have a small batten attached to the bottom of the board which will effectively hook it over the edge of a table and stop it moving.

Contestants place a coin slightly overlapping the edge of the board and give it a sharp tap with the heel of their hand. This sends the coin up the board. Any coin that lands between the lines is a winner.

Again it might be prudent to supply your own coins. Using larger old fashioned pennies will add to the traditional feel of the game.

The lines can have prizes written within them or a general prize for any winner can be given. Having one line as the golden line for a really special prize also adds to the fun.

Pennies in the bathtub

Another nice and easy fete idea. An old tin bathtub / baby bath / large trough or similar is filled with water. Some small tiles or other targets are placed on the bottom. Contestants then drop coins into the water trying to land one on the target to win.

Its a lot harder than it seems but experiment to make sure you keep it fun, have enough winners but still make a profit.

A variation on this game is to have smaller sized but larger denomination coins on the bottom and try to cover them with larger coins such as old fashioned pennies.

Coins on the chocolate bar

This is a very simple fundraiser. Anyone who can land a coin on the chocolate bar wins it. Another variation is to land a coin on a playing card to win a prize.

You need to make sure that the coins tossed are of enough value that you win more than you lose of course

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