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Unique Fundraisers - Write A Book For Charity

When it comes to unique fundraising ideas what could be more satisfying than writing a book for charity?

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? You know....during those wistful moments when everything seems possible. Then real life intrudes again. There's work to do, homes to look after, kids' suppers to be cooked. The bubble of your daydream pops! Back to reality.

The thing is you could write a book. Maybe not the one you imagined writing. Instead a smaller, easier, quicker book. One that will make money for your favourite good cause.

That's right its not just church cookbooks that can be turned into easy fundraisers.
A good little book can sell surprisingly well. They are also fun to do and a really satisfying project.

What better incentives could you wish for. Not only will you see you name in print. But your book could also make some money for your charity or organisation. Its one of those unique fundraising ideas that could actually be the start of something big.

Come on its time to sit down in front of the keyboard.

What will your book be about?

Ok so we'd all like to be the next J.K. Rowling but its not Harry Potter we are after here. There are all sorts of things you can write a book about. Everyone knows something about something.

For non- fiction how about:

  • Old Loverton - An insiders guide to a medieval town.
  • Ghosts on The Coast - Scary tales from Sussex Folklore.
  • You Ding and I'll Dong! - A guide to amateur bell-ringing.
  • From Splat the Rat to Roll a Penny - Unique Fundraising Ideas for your village, church or school.
  • Saddle-sore in Spain - A pilgrimage to Santiago de la Compostella.
  • Toddler Tales - A collection of magic moments and fantastic funnies.

If its fiction one needs to be more careful. This is not the place for long indulgent novels. They simply won't sell at charity events.

All except one type of fiction that is. Stories for Kids. - When it comes to charity fundraising it is small storybooks for children that will sell.

They will be a popular purchase at the Summer Fete and Winter Fair. A great way Granny can spoil her grandkids and support the local hospice at the same time.

Plan your book

Do find out about the publishing side of things in advance. There are all sorts of publishing options out there from the cheap and cheerful to the full monty.

There is also print on demand and many other options to self publish. Do the sums. Work out what is feasible. Have a look at similar books to the one you want to do. Find out who published them. Contact the authors if you can.

Stick with your own unique ideas but follow the guidelines and plan your book to fit them. Keep it simple.


Of course these days many, or even most, books are available in electronic formats. This is not as complicated as you might think and many publishers will offer this option. The advantage is that of course there is no need to hold stock and, via the web, you can sell far and wide. On the other hand it might be that the inevitable limited appeal of your charity book will better suit a physical product on a stall at the local fete or back of the church etc.

Write your book

Time to sit down and take a deep breath ......................................perhaps another cup of coffee first?
Come on this is not the time for prevarication. Just make a start. Find your own voice and try to keep things as simple as possible.

And once you do get going........
Its very easy to over-write. Remember the well known publishing maxim

Inside every fat book is a thin book trying to get out!

Here's where having a good little plan and following a simple formula can really help.

Sell your books

There it is. Your book's in your hands and there are a dozen boxes of others cluttering up your hall. Now how will you sell them?

Friends and family to start. Then pretty much any fundraising event you can think of. Make up a little display stand telling people all about your book, what its about and who it is raising money for.

Could you get a review in the local paper or on the local radio station - send them a copy and details of yourself and your charity. It might be one of those unique fundraising ideas that captures an editor's or producer's interest. Don't forget to say where people can get hold of their own copy.

Sometimes friendly bookshops will take a few copies on a sale or return basis. You might be able to tie this in with a radio or local paper review.

Mail order - if your organisation has a newsletter or website give your book a plug. Don't forget to add postage to the price.

So there you are. Truly unique fundraising ideas are hard to come by. But there is nothing more unique to you and your organisation than writing your own very own book.

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