Scarecrow Festival

Novel fundraising idea scarecrow festival

A novel fundraising idea that  is
Definitely something to crow about

A Scarecrow Festival is a novel fundraising idea that can have great money-making potential for any organisation.

Its a great example of how to use a theme to put on an event that is just that  little bit different. Its a great way to bring a community together and then .... remembering the fundraisers' motto....

if you see a crowd sell them something....

.......make some money for charity or other good causes.

This is the sort of great fundraiser that will capture peoples imagination and provide something new for your "crack team" of helpers and supporters to get there teeth into!

  • Its ideal for churches, schools, villages and youth groups.
  • Will be loved by editors of your local newspapers.
  • Is just the sort of fun event that parents want to take their kids to on a Summer afternoon.

Some of the ideas here could also be very easily incorporated into any Autumn Festival / Fall Festival your group were organising.

Advertising your Scarecrow Festival

Scarecrow Festival

As well as the usual press announcements, posters and flyers use scarecrows themselves to advertise your event.

A few strategically placed scarecrows with advertising posters will really stand out.

If you had a friendly shop owner they might even let you put one in the shop window. Or perhaps in a garden on the way to school, church or shopping centre.

A Scarecrow Walkabout the week before in your local town centre will also get your event noticed (the local press will love this too).

Strong Winds at the Scarecrow Festival

The beauty of Scarecrow Day it is that you can use many of your tried and tested fete ideas - simply re-jig them to fit in with the scarecrow theme. Below however are some novel fundraising ideas you might like to include:

Scarecrow competition

Scarecrow Competition

Get people to bring along their own scarecrows with a prize for the best one. You could even have people voting for their favourite. It might even be possible to have a collecting jar or bucket in front of each one in order that people can vote with their spare change.

Sometimes whole villages join in with scarecrow day with people placing their scarecrows in their front gardens. People (and judges) then follow the scarecrow trail around the village.

If your Scarecrow Festival is part of the School Fair line up your scarecrows on a corner of the playground so people can vote for their favourite and award a prize to the winner.

Baby scarecrows are always fun too!

Make a mini scarecrow

Set up a stall or table where kids can make miniature scarecrows. Use potatoes for the heads with crossed sticks stuck in for bodies and arms. Old pieces of material and other waste scraps make smart little cloaks etc. Stick the finished scarecrows in the ground to be collected by proud owners later. It makes a great show and will attract people to your stall.

Guess the name of the scarecrow

Guess the name of the scarecrow

This competition can be done a couple of ways

  1. Simply have a scarecrow made up near a table and have people guess his name from a prepared list. Very similar to Name the Teddy.

2. Have someone dressed as a scarecrow walking around challenging people to

"Guess My Name"

To make life easy we have prepared a guess sheet with a list of 50 scarecrow names. Simply ask people to add their name and contact details against the name they choose as their guess. At the end of your event the winning name (chosen by you in advance) is revealed and the person who chose it wins a prize.

Download a free poster like the one above

Download a free answer sheet with 50 scarecrow names

Scarecrow crafts

There are all sorts of craft ideas relating to scarecrows that you can make and sell. Greeting cards are an obvious choice but also these little cut-outs are always going to be popular with children.

Scarecrow Greetings Cards
Scarecrow Crafts

Scarecrow fancy dress parade

Scarecrow Fancy Dress

What a great idea for a fancy dress competition with a difference.

Fundraising Tip

Tip - shredded paper makes a great alternative to straw for stuffing your young competitors - its a lot less Itchy!.

Scarecrow trail / Scarecrow treasure hunt

Strategically placed scarecrows or scarecrow pictures around your site all contain clues to a competition - children need to discover all the clues to find a prize? Alternatively the scarecrows could all hold a letter that spells something relating to a prize etc.

Scarecrow Trail

Scarecrow selfie

Paint a scarecrow

Either get kids to bring along a painting from home. Or provide paints, crayons, craft materials and paper for them to produce a stunning piece of scarecrow art work there and then. This type of stall is often overlooked but is always really popular with children. Position it near the refreshment tent so parents can have a cup of tea while their young "Picassos" get busy!

Scarecrow Raffle

A scarecrow cake like this makes a great centrepiece for a raffle.

Scarecrow Cake

scarecrow festival
Scarecrow Festival
Scarecrow Festival
Scarecrow Festival
Scarecrow Festival Crow
Scarecrow Lady

Scarecrow Music

Scarecrow Steel BandThe Scarecrow Steel Band

Scarecrow refreshments

Novel fundraising ideas should not stop when you get to the Refreshments Tent. Coming up with some good names will add to the fun  of your day - Here are some ideas to whet your appetite:

  • Crow burgers - If there's a shortage of crow at you local butcher use normal burgers but keep the name!
  • Corn on the Cob - Roasted on a Barbecue and eaten with butter and salt - delicious.
  • Pop Corn - Guaranteed Top of the Pops with the kids.
  • Melon Patch Marvels - Lovely slices of chilled water melon - on a hot day who could resist.
  • Scarecrow Biscuits. - Normal cookies with scarecrow icing - perfect with a cup of tea.
  • Worzel Wonders - A nice oaty cookie.
Alien Scarecrow
Scarecrow Day
Scarecrow Day
Fruity Scarecrow
Mermaid Scarecrow
Artist Scarecrow
Bob Barley Scarecrow
Crow Scarecrow
Foliage Scarecrow
Minion Scarecrow
David Bowie ScarecrowDavid Crowie
Kim Jong-Un ScarecrowKim Jong Un Scarecrow

Check out our Pinterest scarecrow page for more ideas

A Scarecrow Festival is a really novel fundraising idea and is a perfect way to make your usual round of activities a lot more fun.

If you want a fete with a difference.....

Scarecrow Festival

 A Scarecrow Festival is not just for

Country Bumpkins!

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