Magazine Fundraisers
Easy To Set Up
Profitable To Run

Magazine fundraisers are easy

Magazine Fundraisers

How it works

The basic idea is very simple -

  1. Your organisation registers with a magazine subscription company.
  2. You promote your fundraiser to your supporters.
  3. Any subscriptions then placed with that company through your group earn money for your organisation.

Why it works

Magazine fundraising is popular because

  • Its easy to understand
  • People save money on the cost of their magazines by subscribing, at the same time supporting you.
  • It appeals to a wide range of people. There are hundreds of magazines available about all sorts of subjects. All ages and both sexes enjoy reading magazines.
  • Its easy to target special interest interest groups with particular titles.
  • It is an easy ask. Most households already subscribe to or regularly buy magazines. All you need to ask is that they do it through your group.

Online its even easier

In previous years magazine fundraisers involved your supporters handing out brochures of available titles to family and friends. These days most groups choose an online version.

With an online fundraiser you can reach many more people across a much wider area with just the click of your mouse.

Once set up, which takes just minutes, there is not much else to do. You just include a simple link in any emails, e-zines, newsletters or from your organisation's own website.

Any sales made via that link earn you money.

Fundraising online with magazine subscriptions costs nothing and really is pretty much the easiest fundraising idea you could wish for.

Find a company to work with

It really is simple to run a fundraiser like this and the best charity subscription companies make it even easier.

There are a great many to choose from so do compare offers from a variety of companies. We do have a clear favourite however -

Recommended Company -

Very easy to work with, friendly and efficient.

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