Free Quiz Questions

These free quiz questions
Will make running a fundraising quiz night
A piece of cake!

Organising fun quizzes and holding charity quiz nights is a popular way for all sorts of organisation to raise funds.

Its a particularly popular fundraiser with schools, churches and smaller charities.

The important thing for a great evening is getting the questions just right.

Some difficult, some easier, some serious, some funny but all interesting.

Remember this isn't a test its a social event!

Everything you need for the perfect quiz

Free Quiz

To make life easy we are pleased to share with you a complete set of fun quiz questions and everything else you need to run a quiz night.

This quiz has been tried and tested and works perfectly for all sorts of groups.

Quiz format

The quiz is 8 rounds of 8 questions split into different categories. There is also an extra round that people work on throughout the evening -

The entire quiz takes about 2 hours. Add in a bit of time for refreshments and a raffle and you have a perfect fundraising event.

Instruction Leaflet - You will need one of these for each team

Blank Answer Sheets - Each team will need one set of these

Extra rounds - if using give each team one of these at the start to work on throughout the quiz.

What's In A Name 

Capital Cities Of The World

Lucky Sevens

Flags Of The World

Classic Cooking Terms

There are some more ideas for extra rounds on our Pinterest site:

For Quiz Masters:

We have produced 2 great sets of free general knowledge quiz questions suitable for use in either the UK or US please click the version you require.

Questions - UK Quiz 1

Questions - UK Quiz 2

Questions - USA Quiz 1

Questions - USA Quiz 2

What's In A Name? - Answers

Capitals of the World? - Answers

Lucky Sevens - Answers

Flags Of The World - Answers

Classic Cooking Terms - Answers

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