School Calendars Fundraising

school calendars fundraising

School calendars - Fundraising fun every day of the year

School calendars fundraising is another tried and tested way of bringing in money for your school.

Why school calendars make a great fundraiser

The advantages are:

  • It can involve the whole school or a particular section or class within it.
  • It can be incorporated into other classroom activities and lessons.
  • You can predict likely demand and sales for your school's calendar.
  • As well as raising money calendars are a great way of promoting your school.

School calendars can take several different forms. For example they might feature:

school fundraising calendar
  • Pictures or other work by the pupils.
  • Class or school photos.
  • Other photographs from around the school buildings, playing fields or its surrounding area
  • Pictures or photographs of key moments in the school year.

Obviously compiling and printing a school calendar can take a bit of time so plan and start early. Some schools collect suitable work from their pupils for use in the calendar throughout the year.

Don't forget too that the calendars will really only sell at the turn of the year so have them ready for any Winter fetes and fairs you have planned.

School calendars can be produced either in house or by an external publisher.

Produce in house

This is really for cheap and cheerful school calendars. The basic copy and pictures are printed or copied on school equipment and put together by volunteers. Quality is not likely to be high and the cost of printer cartridges etc needs to be taken into consideration.

It does however allow for short print runs and extra copies to be printed on demand.

Work with a charity calendar company

Working with a specialist company can take a lot of the hassle out of producing school calendars. Fundraising calendar companies will be only to happy to help you compile and print professional looking products. This can come at a cost but their experience and advice can make life a lot easier.

Many of the companies have simple templates to which a school's pictures and copy can simply be added, saving time and money at the design stage.

Again this market is very competitive so do get quotations from several different companies.

Selling the school calendars

The advantage of school calendars is that if you produce a nice product most parents at least will buy one. This can also often be extended out to grandparents and other family all desperate to have a picture of

......."Little Barry and his Classmates"..... on the wall.

They make great Christmas presents. Sell them at the school (and make sure the parents know) and at any school events that occur near the start of the year.

So if you are looking for a relatively easy and reliable money maker try school calendars Fundraising is always best if it brings you in the money 365 days of the year!

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