Cow Patty Bingo
(and Cock-a-Doodle Poo)

Because where there's muck there's money!

Cow Patty Bingo, also known as Cow Pie Bingo or Bovine Bingo, is a fundraising favourite at village fetes the world over.

The basic idea

The basic idea is pretty straight-forward. An enclosed area in a field is marked off into a grid of squares. Each square is given a number.

People buy a square. When enough of the squares are sold a cow or other farm animal is allowed onto the field. Spectators wait "with bated breath" until the cow splats. The owner of the square that receives the first dollop wins.

Marking out the grid -
Also known as the "Field of Dreams!"

The size of your grid really depends upon the space you have available. It is best however to go for squares of at least 1m x 1m. This helps lessen the chances of the "line judge" having to be called in. About 100 squares is good so an area of 10m x 10m is fine.The area needs to be carefully fenced to ensure that no harm can come to spectators or the cow.

The grid is marked with sports-ground line paint, construction workers marking paint or, for a non- permanent option, thin lines of sand.

Selling the squares

Cow Patty Bingo Poster

The best way to do this is to mark off a corresponding grid of squares on a large piece of card. Number the squares.

People can then select their own lucky square and enter their name and phone number.

Choose a price per square that works for your event and the prize on offer.

If offering a cash prize you need to be sure of selling enough squares to cover it.

For most people playing however it is really all a bit of fun. You can add to this by perhaps awarding a jokey Cow Patty Bingo certificate or small trophy to the lucky winner.

For most fundraising events you need to get your timings right. Start selling tickets early on and let everyone know when the cow will enter the arena. In the meantime you might be able to have it in a pen whilst it awaits its turn in the spotlight. People love to pet the cow and take photos of it with their kids etc. Use this opportunity to sell squares.

If you have a public address system don't forget to draw attention to the Cow Patty Bingo to come later.

Splat time!

Bovine Bingo

At last the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives. A hush falls over the expectant crowd as the cow enters "The Field Of Dreams".

Everyone holds their breath..........and.........nothing happens.

Ok it does sometimes take a while. Make sure you have a good commentator.

It might be a case of on to the next attraction. As long as a "poo official" is watching to verify the splat when it comes!

The alternative - Cock-a-doodle poo

Not everyone has access to a friendly farmer with a splat friendly cow for Cow Patty Bingo. Not everyone either has a large field at their disposal. This is where Cock A Doodle Poo can be a great alternative.

Still don't know anyone with a Cockerel? You'd be surprised but there are many backyard chicken keepers.

If still no joy try your local small holders association, farmers market or fancy poultry club. They might even help run the event for you.

The advantage of Cock-A Doodle-Poo is that it doesn't take too much space making it perfect for a great many fundraising events, fetes and fairs. You can also run it indoors.

For a reasonable set up you need a sheet of plywood approximately 3m X 3m marked off in squares. Fence it off with chicken netting.

You may like to have a rope barrier set a little way back to stop the crowds intimidating the cockerel. After all who can go when everyone is shouting at you!

So there you are. Another classic to make your fundraising event just a little bit more special with all the fun of the farm.

This great fundraising idea was originally sent in by Tim Fellencer from Kansas City (USA). Thanks Tim.

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