Flamingo Flocking

Flamingo Flocking

Over recent years flamingo flocking fundraisers have become a common, if somewhat bizarre, addition to the fundraising repertoire of many, mostly youth, charity and community groups.

This phenomenon started in the USA but is now beginning to appear in other countries. There seems to be something about a lawn full of bright pink plastic flamingos that appeals to a certain sense of humour.

What can't be denied is that they certainly attract attention and, importantly, bring in the cash.

How does flamingo flocking work?

Usually an announcement is made that a particular group is trying to raise funds for a particular cause. The announcement contains a warning to "Beware Of The Flamingos!"

Under the cover of darkness members of that group will visit a member of the community's front garden and fill it with 20 or so pink plastic flamingos.

In the morning the victim will look out of their window to find that they have been flamingoed!

Flamingo Fundraiser

They then have to pay a de-flocking fee to have the offending birds removed. Once the donation is paid it is normal to offer the victim the chance to decide who might next be a suitable candidate for flocking.

This continues for about a fortnight until the well traveled flamingos are put away until next year.

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Or you may prefer....

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Flamingo Insurance

An additional way to make money is for people to be offered flamingo insurance. Payment of a premium ensuring a flamingo free future!

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Flamingo contract / Flock a friend

Other people may take delight in seeing their friends afflicted by a visitation of the pink pests and may wish to pay for a "contract flocking".

Click here for a "Flock A Friend" Flyer

Where to get the flamingos

There are a number of companies online where you can buy flamingos. All sorts and varieties are available. Some will also offer a rental option specifically for fundraisers. Prices and terms for sale or rent vary a lot so shop around to find the best deal.

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