Flower Bulb Fundraising

bulb fundraising

Watch your profits grow with bulb fundraising

Selling flower bulbs to raise funds is an increasingly popular activity, particularly with schools.

Its easy to organise. Simple to do. And profitable enough to have become a mainstay in the annual plans of many parent teacher associations.

The basic idea is a simple one. Using special catalogues your organisation take orders for flower bulbs.

You receive a percentage on all you sell.

Choose your fundraising company

Flower fundraiser

There are a large number of companies and flower nurseries offering different fundraising options. They are easily found on the internet.

A particularly well known company is The Bulb Man / Bulbman. But many companies offer similar fundraisers so shop around for a deal that suits.

As the sale and planting of flower bulbs is seasonal you need to plan and register in advance. Most companies however, offer a range of seasonal options in order that your fundraiser can be undertaken at the time of year that suits your school or organisation best.

The better companies are well aware of school term dates etc and plan their fundraising options accordingly.

Your chosen company will supply you with:

  • Promotional Materials - to advertise your fundraiser.
  • Fundraising Brochures - showing all the flower bulbs available.
  • Order Forms - to take orders from family and friends.

Run your fundraiser-

Most companies recommend a 2 week fundraiser. School pupils or supporters of your organisation show brochures to family and friends and (hopefully) take orders.

The orders and cheques are taken back to school and all sent off as one consolidated order.

Better companies such as The Bulbman offer easy computer ordering.

Distribute the bulbs-

The entire order will usually be delivered to the school or Parent Teacher Association address. The school or volunteers then pack individual orders.

This is usually as straightforward as putting a couple of packs of bulbs into a bag and adding a name label.

The bulbs are generally distributed by the pupils or whoever took the order.

Planting the bulbs -

The bulbs come with full instructions and many companies offer advice online about planting etc.

Those without a garden can easily grow them in pots and planting troughs.

Count the money-

The school will usually receive between 25 - 40 % of the total sales. This money is usually taken up-front when they place their main order.

Even smaller schools can make quite a good profit with flower bulb fundraising.

Some companies also offer seasonal competitions with extra prizes and free bags of bulbs to the schools that run the best fundraisers.


Variations on the basic bulb fundraising idea-

Several companies are now offering fundraising options using seed catalogues as well as bulbs.

There are also some opportunities to run this type of fundraiser online.

Schools and charities simply encourage their supporters to visit a particular website and enter a promotional code at the online checkout. They then receive an agreed percentage of the sale.

So if you are after a reliable and easy fundraiser
Give flower bulbs a try.

Watch your profits and your gardens grow!

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