Charity Christmas Cards

Charity Christmas cards

Charity Christmas cards
Spreading festive cheer and raising funds for good causes

Selling Christmas Cards has long been a mainstay of the annual fundraising programmes of many charities, churches and schools. The idea is a simple one and a good earner for all sorts of non profit organisations.

The first commercial Christmas cards were produced in London as far back as 1843. The idea soon took off and rapidly became an integral part of the Christmas celebration. Cards have always featured both religious and non- religious themes.

The idea of Charity Christmas Cards started around 1950 when charities began to realise the potential they offered for fundraising.

These days the Charity Christmas Cards market is massive and is a major cash generator for all sorts of charities.

As well as this, of course, the cards are also a great way to promote your non profit organization or cause.

A simple internet search will call up all sorts of companies willing to "help" charities with their Christmas Cards.

There are 3 main ways in which Charity Christmas Cards work:

Charity produce and sell their own cards

Many companies offer charities the chance to produce a bespoke range of their own cards.

These can have a general Christmas theme but are often tailored to the organization in question. Such as animal focused cards for animal shelters etc.

The Christmas card market is so important that some larger charities will commission their own artists and photographers to produce suitable images for their cards.

The cards are sold to supporters and to the general public online, via catalogues and newsletters and using commercial distribution networks; which sees them sold alongside commercial cards in stationary stores.

Charity allows their logo to be used on commercial cards

This is a hassle free option for charities. For little effort on their part they receive a percentage from the sales of commercial cards. Some card companies even have a list of several different charities on the backs of their cards. Each one receiving a percentage from the sale.

A variation on this is some stores, both on and offline, selling commercial cards but donating a percentage of their own profits to their favourite charities.

Do it yourself / home-made cards

This is an option for smaller charities happy to get busy with the card and glue and make up small packs of cards themselves.

They usually work around a clear set of photographs or pictures re-printed to the right size. If you get a mini production line going this can be a good option, the cards having that personal touch.

They are generally sold to supporters at Christmas Fairs etc.

This option depends on having the right sort of "crafty" types amongst your supporters. If you do have a bunch of enthusiastic cutters and stickers however its good fun, and can bring in a nice bit of cash for minimal outlay.

Another variation on this idea already starting to be picked up on is producing your own cards online. This is already possible with personal / family photos etc and some companies are beginning to offer a similar option for charities.

So are Charity Christmas Cards on your Christmas wish list?

Its a reasonably straight forward fundraiser, a good way of promoting your cause and not a bad little Yuletide earner too.

Happy Christmas.

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