Firefighter's Charity Climb

It takes a few trips up a firefighter's ladder to reach the summit of Mount Everest. 1770 trips to be precise.
But what a great fundraising event.

Firefighters charity climb. Climbing the ladder

Great fundraising events are all about capturing peoples imagination. These enterprising firefighters in Chichester, a small town in England, certainly know how to do that. Every year they do what they do best and climb the equivalent of Mount Everest all 8,848 metres of it. Coming down's the easy bit they use a fireman's pole

The set up

Firefighters Charity Climb Chichester

The annual event takes place right in the town centre - just outside the town hall where you can draw a crowd.

Anything like this needs to be set up properly, and being firefighters you can be sure that health and safety is a priority

A local scaffolding firm provides the platforms

Teams of firefighters take turns to climb the ladder and slide back down the pole before joining the queue to do it all again.

Along the way members of the public join in (under supervision)

Telling a good story

We're climbing Mount Everest by ladder.

And using a good picture to make it all clear to the public.

Who could resist putting some change in the collecting jars?

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Firefighters charity climb poster

Advertising your event

A fire engine, ladders, a dozen firefighters in uniform and a large crowd makes for pretty good adverising on the day.

Dont forget however to alert the local press in advance  and use social media to advertise - especilly if you can link it to an online donation page.

For additional impact you could also try to include any local celebrities or  how about the Lord Mayor climbs the ladder rigged out in his chain of office.

How do you raise money?

Firefighters charity climb fundraising table
  • Sponsorship by local business
  • Donations in advance
  • individual sponsorship
  • Street collections on the day
  • Tombola

You should not forget to set up an online giving page too such as JustGiving - for those who cant be there on the day.

Facts and Figures

Mount Everest is 8,848m high (29,029ft)

1770 trips up the ladder

Just over six hours

Money raised - £2644.25

All money raised was for the Firefighters Charity

Well done to Chichester firefighters for their great fundraising event. There are lots of ideas here that lots of other groups could take away.

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