Your Own Charity Drive

by Dominic Hull
(Iowa City)

Your Own Charity Drive (Picture by Ash 'Dash' Olson)

Your Own Charity Drive (Picture by Ash 'Dash' Olson)

I had an idea, and it may have been done before, but if it has I haven't seen it yet.

Pick something that you really enjoy (like pop, candy, chocolate or something of the sort) and for every time you consume one, put a dollar away for a charity. I chose pop, and have been going for a while now. It doesn't matter which charity you donate your savings to. Just pick one whenever you feel like it. My first was the relay for life. It just seemed like a good way to do something worth doing.

I had created a facebook group, and a few friends and family joined, but couldn't really get more than that. I even had a picture made for it by a friend in design. I was hoping by posting it on a site like this, the idea might take root a bit more.

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