Sponsered Silence (A classic!)

by Becca
(Reading, England)

Well, it's really simple to be honest. All you have to do is grab one or two friends, make a sponsor form and get ready for the big day.

When you ask your friends/family/neighbours etc. to sponsor you, try to get them to sponsor you around £2-£10. It would probably be a good idea if you get people to sponsor you every 1/2 hour.
The good thing about this is - unless you're quite chatty- it's really easy and needs barely any practise!

Don't do the sponsored silence straight after you've decide to do it:- Give people time to sponsor you.
Like I said, you may find it harder if you talk a lot, but surely, then people would sponsor you more?!
A sponsored silence is great, because anyone can do it!
Another reason why this would be a good thing to do is because you can do it at anytime-it's not necessarily a summer morning thing.

So, what are you waiting for?
Grab a few mates,
Get some sponsors,
And shut-up!!!!!!

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