Senior's Spring/Fall Fair

by Cecelia
(Nova Scotia)

Twice a year, our community hosts a fair to help with travel costs for our group of Seniors and help with Seniors Christmas Party.

We have a community hall which is loaned to us for free. Our day starts with a breakfast, pancakes, sausage, juice, tea or coffee, for a fee.

Entry to our hall, again, a small fee and a chance of a door prize, that has been donated. Inside the hall we have tables set up for.....raffle tickets/ lotto tree sales, baked goods, a lollipop game, color the ends of stick to coordinate with prizes for children. We also have a flea market table, which we have asked community members to donate to.

Our biggest money maker is the straw game. I take a square note pad, cut it into 4 pieces of paper then use a small skewer to roll up the paper, then insert into straws that have been cut into 1" lengths. I roll about 300 numbered straws to match up with 300 donated prizes......our seniors get together to bag, in clear bags and number the prizes. We charge 25 cents each or 5 for $1.00

The day ends with a Bingo Game.

Our tips for an easy day make sure you have lots of change and small bills. Advertise well, home made flyers and balloons and arrows to show the way......use Facebook and hit share.

Our Spring and Fall Fairs are a simple and popular way to raise funds for our group

Thank you Cecilia for sharing details of your fairs. It just shows that fundraising does not have to be complicated. Also nearly all the best fundraising ideas involve getting people together for a bit of simple fun. Thanks for sharing.

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