Raising Funds For Cheerleading - Selling home-made bracelets

My friends and I just recently started our own cheerleading squad and needed a way to raise money. So we started making bracelets and selling them for just a dollar.

They became really popular and this is an awesome way to kick back and have fun with your friends while making money.

1. Get a bright colored sign and put your orginzation name on it and the cost of the bracelets
2. Get a table and some chairs and set up your stall in a good location, check if you need permission
3. Have a good selection of bracelets to choose from. You can buy the raw materials at craft stores but also keep you eyes open for cheap items you can take apart and re-use at thrift shops and sales.
4. Be sure your organization / helpers know what to say
5. Use your manners and respect your customers
6. Do something to get people's attention. For instance you could be all dressed in your cheer costumes, or even do a couple of little routines and shouts.
7. BE SAFE Don't stand too close to the road and make sure you have an adult there at all times.

Selling home-made bracelets is a great way to have fun and raise funds (and the profile of your organization). As well as cheerleading squads it would also be a great way to raise money for all sorts of clubs, societies and good causes.

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