Pig, Wig, Swig & Jig Evening

by Carol Seager
(Rugby, England)

My friend and I wanted to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society and The Stroke Association and wanted to have a bit of fun and do something different.

We held an evening fundraising event where we had a hog-roast pig, all the party-goers wore a wig, we ran a bar swig and we had a disco jig.

It was an extremely successful evening - not everyone likes to completely dress up in "fancy dress" but the wig theme really caught peoples' imaginations.

We held the event in a village hall, which we hired and then we paid for a licence from the council to sell alcohol.

We hired a DJ, who brought his own equipment but we were careful to choose the songs we wanted playing and requested them in advance - this was to ensure they were the sort of tracks that people would want to get up and dance to.

We charged £15 a ticket, and this included the hog roast (two guys brought it and served it, which made it quite expensive). We made salads and coleslaw and took chunky bread & butter. We also checked in advance for vegetarians and provided an alternative.

We bought the alcohol from the local supermarket - making sure we bought items that were on special offer. The bar was run by volunteers (who were rewarded with the left over beer!)

We also had a raffle of items which had been donated from a wide range of people and businesses.

We did not advertise it publicly but used mostly personal invitation as between us we had enough friends and acquaintances to fill the hall.

It was a great night and we raised a nice lot of money for our good causes.

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