Fish Pond

by A. Landeros
(Alamo, Texas, USA)

This is something I played as a child at church fairs. We changed ours up a bit to fit the space available and to make it more cost friendly.
This game is great for fairs with small children because every child wins a prize...everytime!

Materials needed:

  • 1 Science fair display board
  • 1 Dowel (or child sized fishing pole)
  • Fishing line or yarn
  • 1 Clothespin (clothespeg)
  • Small plastic bags (optional)
  • Variety of small prizes and candies

Start by decorating the outside of the display board with an ocean theme. Place the board on a table. We attached ours with packing tape, then used plastic beach pails filled with sand to secure it.

Attach fishing line/string to dowel and attach the clothespin to the loose end of the string (if using a fishing pole, just attach a clothespin where hook would be). You are ready to go fishing!!

Note: you will need 2 people for this booth. One to stand behind the "pond" and "secretly" hook on the prizes. Another to help the children with the fishing pole. It is helpful to have a secret phrase to help differentiate between a girl or boy prize. The optional plastic baggies can be used to hold small prizes that cannot be secured to a clothespin.

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