Christmas Fundraiser
-Treasure Chest

by Jolene
(Plainview, Mn)

"One man's junk is another man's treasure"
This is a great, fun shopping day for the very young to teenaged kids to do for Christmas and makes a great fundraiser.

We hold this shopping day the first Saturday in Dec. We would have doughnuts and coffee for the parents while the kids did their shopping in a different room.

We collected newer and slightly used items ( trinkets. knick-knacks, coffee mugs, candles, jewelery, ornaments, tools, ties, golf balls etc) and priced the items all under a dollar. We arranged all of the items on tables for the kids to look at and then purchase as Christmas gifts for their family members.

Some of the kids would come in with a dollar (some had much more to spend) and were able to pick out several items.

We also had several work areas where they would be able to giftwrap and have help in wrapping and tagging each gift to take home.

We received many compliments from parents who loved the idea and the kids of course loved it too. An inexpensive way to shop and still give from the heart.

We did very well considering most of our items were 25 cents to a dollar. It all adds up quickly.

You could combine a Treasure Chest (separate room) for kids to do their Christmas shopping at any Christmas event or fair you were holding.

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