Wine Gift Baskets

by Canadian Principal

Parents, local businesses and organizations donate a bottle of wine (minimum value of $20). On each bottle they, or you, attach a label stating whom has donated the wine.

Combine the wine into "gift baskets". We did this right before the holidays and could make 3 gift baskets of 12 bottles of wine in each. ($240 value each basket). We sold tickets for $5 each and they sold like hotcakes. Even if someone doesn't drink, they visit others over the holidays, or they have to bring a "hostess" gift.

A $5 ticket is very reasonable and most people bought 4 at a time ($20). If you only print 2000 tickets and 200 families are selling, that averages to only 10 tickets each... which is manageable. This easily brings in a revenue of $10,000. We sold 1000 tickets over 88 students and brought in $5,000 very easily.

Local organizations liked to donate a bottle because it easily marketed their organization. And it has been a fun way to connect the community, because winners will say to donators, "Hey! I had your choice of wine last night... it was delicious!"

This is a great idea for adding value to a raffle and as you can see the sums add up. When asking for donations you could leave a label with potential donating organizations for them to easily fill in their details to add to their bottle. You could also offer a way whereby organizations simply pay a fixed price for you to include a bottle (chosen and purchased by you) with their details added. Thanks for sharing.

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