Support Your Church With An Umbrella Sale

by MLD

The basic idea for this church fundraiser is quite simple - Have your church logo printed on umbrellas and sell them.

I found a reputable, great online vendor that did imprinting on different products (like ink pens, t-shirts, water bottles, etc.) You could order as little as a quantity of 25 to start. I emailed our church logo to the printer, chose the umbrella we liked and they were ready in 5 to 7 business days.

It's best to find a really reputable printer, that has consumer testimonials about their experience with the company on their website. We used a printer we found online, however there may be printers/small businesses in your local area that you can utilize as well. We ordered a quantity of 50 umbrellas that were approx. $8.99 per piece. But the more quantity you order, the lower the cost per piece will be. Most sites have online calculators to compute these costs. As a church we are a non-profit organization, therefore we received a discount on the product. (it's important to always ask if they give discounts to non-profit orgs)

The umbrellas were a successful fundraiser, we sold them just above what we paid per piece to make a profit. There are lots of items that can be imprinted like ink pens, t-shirts, water bottles, etc but the umbrellas were unique in the fact that they're seen most often with company logos on them, but not church logos.

Our church logo & name appeared on the panels. It's important to note, imprinting companies charge per panel for imprinting, this cost is in addition to the cost of the umbrellas. So imprinting on 1 or 2 panels, would keep the cost within your budget. Printing on over 2 panels, will prove to be quite expensive and hard to turn a profit. You want to keep the cost of the umbrellas at an affordable rate for people to buy them.

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