Stadium Seat Cushions

Selling or renting Stadium Seat Cushions.
A sports fundraiser that is definitely not a pain in the...........!

Sitting down for a sports game or other event can be uncomfortable for some people. Stadium seats are usually hard and not particularly user friendly.

At some venues they are not always in the best of conditions either. Some outdoor benches and bleachers can be particularly uncomfortable or dirty.

This has led to the use by many people of stadium seat cushions. These simple cushions range from simple flat designs to full on mini seats with backs and pockets for drinks etc.

Most fold up easily and have a carrying handle.

Of course such an item makes a perfect promotional opportunity. Companies have rushed to add their logos and brand names to these cushions.

Fundraisers too have not been slow to use the potential of these cushions in their fundraising programmes.

Turning stadium seat cushions into a fundraiser

Cushions for stadium seats are an obvious match for sports fundraisers. Many sports teams and clubs from Little Leagues to professional, sell cushions bearing their team's crest or badge to their supporters.

There is nothing however to stop any other group, school or charity adopting the idea also. These organisations may also like to use the cushions to display their name or can simply sell unbranded cushions as they would any other fundraising products.

Another way to use the cushions as a fundraiser is to buy a quantity of basic cushions which you then rent to spectators before games and events. A neat trick might to be to combine this with a lucky cushion number draw to win a prize.

The cushions do not just have to display the name of an organisation of course. They are also great for awareness raising. Some groups will use them to display key messages or contact details.

Equally popular could be jokes, cartoons or witty messages.


There are no shortage of manufacturers and fundraising companies who will be delighted to sell you cushions for your events and promotions.

Most offer a variety of choices and customisation options. Adding promotional logos and messages is relatively straightforward but can be subject to minimum quantities.

You may like to try a test run before investing in any significant quantities.

Do shop around and spend some time visiting the websites of as many manufacturers as possible however and don't be afraid to ask for a deal.

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