Sponsored Silence

by Joan Green
(Dorset - England)

I am a teacher at a junior school in Dorset (England) We had been doing some work with the children on schools around the world and how some children are unable to access an education etc. We had actually chosen a school abroad to try to raise funds for. We had a brainstorming session in class about what we could do as a fundraiser. The children wanted to do a sponsored silence. Using the school computers we prepared a sponsorship form and another piece of paper which told about the school we were trying to help.

We really needed the whole class to join in and they all got really behind it. They all took a form home and asked friends and family to sponsor them. We deliberately didn't make a big thing about who would collect the most money etc as we wanted it to be a real joint effort.

The silence was to last from 8am in the morning to 8pm at night so part of the challenge would be undertaken at home on trust.

On the day of the silence the kids were as good as gold. We had a silent registration with hands being raised instead of the usual Yes Miss. The rule was that the kids could answer direct schoolwork questions from the teachers but no talking otherwise. We did plan the lessons a bit to make this easier. At breaks the kids had a quiet but fun time furiously writing messages to each other on bits of paper. It was a bit difficult with children from other classes trying to wind them up but no real problems. At home time they all trooped off in silence and the next day assured us that they had lasted until 8pm

I think this was quite a good children's fundraiser. It was simple to understand. Really easy to put on. The children enjoyed it. It raised a nice bit of cash about £170 from 29 children in total. And I had the quietist day in school ever!

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