Space Hopper Racing

Space Hopper Racing

Give your fundraising events a bit of bounce!
Space Hopper Racing is an easy winner for any charity group.

Space Hoppers, along with many other crazes from the 70's and 80's, are really back in fashion now. Of course canny fundraisers, ever on the lookout for new and novel fundraising ideas, have quickly incorporated them into their fundraising events. So why not go with the "Vintage Vibe" and organise some bouncing fun?

Space Hoppers can be incorporated into your fundraising in all sorts of ways:

Space Hopper races at your fete or fair

This is a great idea for a simple attraction to any school fair or village fete. Simply organise some quick and fun races on Space Hoppers. The kids will love it of course but don't forget to have a few special races.

How about:

  • Mums / Dads races at the school fair
  • The Teachers Challenge - to find the teacher with most bounce!
  • The choir in full robes led by the vicar / choirmaster

Other ways you might jazz up a straightforward race.

  • Make it a team relay
  • Add some obstacles
  • Have contestants collect a hat / wig at the end of the course that they need to wear as they bounce back to the start
  • Arm spectators with water pistols / custard pies

Races like this will be a great attraction at any fundraising event. They can be part of the general attractions to your event. You then make money from all your other fundraisers.

Alternatively you could charge a small fee to enter to win a small prize

A whole night of Space Hopper races

This neat idea was sent in by Liz Bourne from Wales. Who used the idea of Space Hopper races to build an entire fundraising event.

We used a farm shed / barn of a local farmer and we had a bar and bbq.I bought the space hoppers on ebay. We made the children wear riding hats. Free entry to venue, £2.00 to enter race. Races were named, choose names for the races to suit your charity. Prizes were silly, but presented on a Formula 1 type podium.

Sell each race until full and then run it so that the evening is kept going and not over too quickly. Run heats if you have too many entries. Absolutely hilarious, we raised £1360 and were home by 11pm! Auction the space hoppers afterwards or donate to worthy cause etc. - Liz Bourne Bourne

Space Hopper Fundraiser

This is a great idea for any fundraising group.

Best fancy dress bouncer could also be another "attraction"!

Don't restrict yourself to straight runs either. How about some hurdles!?

You could also get local businesses to sponsor certain races and invite them along to present the prizes to the winners. Things like:

  • The "Currant Bun Challenge" sponsored by Blakes Bakery
  • The "Primrose Cafe Canter" sponsored by The Primrose Cafe
  • The " Highdown Hurdle" sponsored by Highdown Nursery
  • The "Service Station Stakes" sponsored by Hobbs Garage

What local businesses could you persuade to take part?

Sponsored Space Hop

This is a great sponsored event with a difference and is guaranteed to be popular with both your supporters and the local press. It would be perfect for sports clubs but could also be used by any charity group wanting to bounce their way on to the front page of their local paper.

You've got to make it fancy dress. Picture the scene - Batman overtaking Robin Hood on a Space Hopper.

Alternatively imagine 100 Santas on Space Hoppers for the Snowball Challenge!

We reckon 500m on a Space Hopper is a reasonable challenge; 1000m if you want to be more ambitious.

People will have to bring or purchase their own space hopper but you might wish to do a discount deal with a local store or online supplier. Then you could have this cost included in a small entry fee.

Make money through straightforward sponsorship but don't forget to run all your other fundraisers and refreshments on the side.

So there you are. Don't let your fundraising events fall flat

Space Hopper Racing is a great way to put a bit of bounce back in your fundraising!

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