School Fashion Show Fundraiser

School Fashion Show

Dress to impress.

A school fashion show is a smart way to raise funds

A school fashion show is a great way to have a fun evening, buy clothes and raise money either for your school or another good cause you are supporting.

A fashion show can take several different forms. It can be arranged and managed in house or you can take advantage of one of the companies who have set up and offer pretty much a complete package for fundraising groups and PTAs.

What do you need to run a school fashion show?

Well not too much really:

  • A venue - This should be on the ground floor and big enough to set up chairs either side of a central walkway (the catwalk). You will also need additional space for racks of clothes that people can browse and tables for accessories etc. Fortunately most school or church halls are easily big enough. You also need a place where the models can change into their outfits.
  • An audience - For a successful event you really need 60+ people and most school fashion shows would aim for 100+. A good crowd is not just important for sales, it also helps create an better atmosphere at the show.
  • Models - Usually around 6-8 ladies who are willing to choose a couple of outfits and strut down the catwalk. Don't worry this is no job for a Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell (though if they are parents at your school………) Instead its great when a few of the mums step up to the plate and do the whole thing with a sense of fun. If nothing else you get to dress up in a load of nice clothes. It also very much adds to the event as people you know parade their stuff.
Fashion Show Fundraiser

How do you make money?

There are generally 4 main ways that you will make money from a school fashion show:

  • Ticket sales - If you can find 100 people at around £5.00 / $6.00 a ticket you are off to a good start.
  • Commission on sales When working with an outside company this is usually around 10%.
  • Raffles and other fundraisers - A simple raffle will add to the fun of the evening, and to the take. Ask local businesses or any firms taking part for prizes. You only need 3 - 4 reasonable prizes. Sometimes it is easier to budget for and buy these rather than making yet another ask on your local traders.

Download our sample letter requesting raffle prizes

  • Refreshments - Tea and coffee etc at family / daytime events. Wine and nibbles at women only "out for the night and going to make the most of it!" events

Letting a school fashion show company run the event for you

There are now many companies who deliberately target fundraising groups and particularly school PTA's. They offer a complete charity fashion show. There is usually no charge for this or a very nominal fee. The company will make their money by selling clothes.

They will help from start to finish and having the backup of a professional outfit in advance and also on the night can very much take a lot of the hassle out of running a successful event.

These companies will usually provide all the stock, sometimes their own brand but often across a variety of brands. They will also provide all the PA / microphone, lighting, racks, tills, credit card machines etc. Generally they will compere the show for you too - unless you have someone desperate to get on the mike!

This means all you really have to do is provide the venue, shift tickets in advance and sell refreshments on the night.

You will also receive a commission on any clothes they sell.

The usual form for this sort of evening begins with people arriving and browsing the racks of clothes. Everyone then sits down for a catwalk show highlighting particular items. Afterwards people are then encouraged to browse the racks again and make their purchases knowing that the school will get a commission.

Kids included or women's fashions only - You will find most companies specialize in one or the other. If kids are included it tends to be a family event, a popular feature being kids modelling children's clothes on the catwalk. Other groups prefer a girls night out atmosphere and concentrate on women's fashion.

Colours Fundraising Fashion Show

Colours Fundraising Fashion Shows
Can help you raise over £1,000 in one evening! We hold a 90 minute catwalk show and sell the very best and biggest names on the high street at 50% or more off the RRP.

Arranging your own fashion show

school fashion show model

Some schools like to take charge of putting on the entire show themselves. It is sometimes entrusted to senior pupils (16+) as part of school based entrepreneurship projects or as school support for designated charities.

With this sort of show local fashion retailers are invited along to display their wares and perhaps have their clothes included in the fashion parade. They would either make a payment to take part or make a commission payment on any items purchased at the event.

Their incentive to take part, as well as supporting local schools or charities, is really advertising and exposure for their stores as much as the possibility of a lot of sales on the night.

Organisers need to recruit a certain number of stores to take part to put together a really good show.

The advantages however can be a wide range of offerings from a variety of stores. These stores will also likely help promote and advertise your fashion show and build the audience. It may also be easier to get local press coverage if a number of local businesses are taking part.

It also might help build useful local contacts for future fundraising events.

A slight variation on the do it yourself school fashion show is when pupils or other groups put on a fashion show dedicated to creative schoolwork or artistic endeavours.

In this case the fashion show offers them a platform to demonstrate, or serve as the culmination of their work. Another common event are environment focused shows where outfits are either all about recycling or are a put-together of secondhand and charity shop clothes based around themes.

The current craze for Vintage offers another popular option for simply dressing up and having fun.

Where the emphasis is on a more creative type show obviously any money raised will be in ticket sales only and the idea is much more orientated around a fun exhibition type evening than selling products.

So could a group of mums soon be strutting their stuff in your school hall?. Its a fun night guaranteed and can be a good earner for your school.

And anyway ladies what could possibly be better than supporting good causes and spending money on clothes at the same time!

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