School Charity Race Night

by Jill Clark

We hold an annual fundraising race night that is always really popular. All the races are shown on a big TV screen .We hire the equipment from a charity race night firm. If you put charity race night into google there are lots of companies offering different variations. The firm we use supply the races on DVD and all the tickets and posters that you need for the evening. I think they call this the Do It Yourself package. If you want they will also send a compere but that costs quite a bit more. We are fortunate as we have a member on our PTA who makes a great compere and because he knows everyone he is able to make lots of good jokes etc when people win (or lose).

Our event takes place in a function room near the school and they put on a free buffet. This means we don't get a cut of the bar takings but it keeps things simple and they always do a really nice spread.

Its always good fun and reasonably straight forward to put on. We had 83 people at the last one and made a nice sum of money. Its quite good to get to know some of the other parents socially and if its at a fundraiser for the school so much the better.

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