Sample Fundraising Letter
Requesting Sponsorship For A Project

sample fundraising letter

Check out this great sample fundraising letter

Below is a sample fundraising letter requesting a sponsorship arrangement with a local company.

Prior to sending a fundraising letter such as this your organisation should have:

  • Drawn up and costed a clear set of ideas how this company might be involved with your group.
  • Researched the target company and identified the person who deals with these requests.

You may wish to also consider the timing of your request. Many companies have a limited budget and set their spending plans at the start of their financial year.

Avoid too key trading periods
Example - Do not expect too much interest from the local florist just before Valentines Day.......................... Can't think why!

On a similar note think about the timing of phone calls you make to any business. Lunch time may be great for you but is also the busiest time in many shops. The manager will not be pleased to be dragged away from a busy shop floor to listen to your request for help.

Your fundraising letter should be sent on headed paper if you have it and include your charity registration number (if you are registered).

Do get someone to proof-read your final letter. It is really easy to let a typo slip through.

Try to include some colour photographs with any request. A picture tells a thousand words and allows your prospective sponsor to imagine their company's logo being associated with your group.

If you haven't heard anything within 2 weeks follow up your letter with a phone call.

Please amend this sample fundraising letter to fit your organisation's needs.

Sample Fundraising Letter
Requesting Sponsorship Of A Project

Janie Jones
Happy Days Play Equipment
Unit 4 Greenfield Business Park


Re: Possibility of Sponsorship Arrangement

Dear Ms Jones

We are a local group setting up a new play project for the children in our local community. The project- called The Maia Lane Kids Club will be based in the old hall at the back of the Maia Lane Community Building. Refurbishment of the hall is already underway and a team of local parents and volunteers from Ralph Jarvis Engineering have been putting in a lot of hard work painting and decorating. You may have seen the recent article in the Loverton Chronicle.

We are hoping that our project might be of interest to you as an opportunity to promote your products and company through a sponsorship arrangement. We can offer a variety of sponsorship methods to suit your budget, for example:

1. Play equipment and toys - Our project would use only Happy Days Play Equipment and toys, which you supply and replace as necessary. We would give prominent publicity to this fact in all our promotional material such as brochures, publicity leaflets and advertising.

2.Brochure advertising- we would reserve for you a full page back cover advertising space in every event brochure (a minimum of 4 per year) at a cost of £100 per event or £150 to include your flyer inside the brochure.

3. Your name or logo featured on two display boards in the Hall foyer at a cost of £250 per board. Both boards will be un-missable to all visitors to the project and other users of the Community Building.

4. Sponsorship of our inflatable bouncy castle at £700 per year to include the Happy Days Logo prominently displayed on the back wall.

It may be that you have other ideas that you would like to discuss with us. One of the great advantages of partnering with a local company is being able to be flexible. Could we arrange a meeting to talk through some ideas? We would also love to give you a tour of the project in order that you might see for yourself the great steps forward that we have already made.

Yours sincerely

Arthur Columbaris
Fundraising Co-ordinator
Maia Lane Kids Club

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