Recycling Mobile Phones

by Laura

You can raise quite a bit of money from recycling old mobile phones and if you are based at a school there are possibly hundreds of old mobiles in homes that could make the school money.

Put notes in the registers at school asking for pupil and parent donations as well as asking all friends and family.

Also you could write off to local companies to see if they have any old mobile phones that they could donate to your school if you went to pick them up. These letters could come from the school children as a class project. Perhaps you could provide a special box with pictures on it drawn by the pupils to publicize the idea and encourage donations.

Some websites will tell you the best price that you can get for the make of phone that you want to recycle. You can get between £2-£250 depending on the make of phone so its definitely worth a try!

This definitely works! And teaches kids about the environment.

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