High School Fundraiser
Your Secret Admirer

by LEI
(Paducah, Kentucky)

Everyone has their crushes, especially in high school. Many people though are way too nervous to give their crushes a gift on Valentines Day. They may be too nervous, too shy, or their crushes may be dating someone else.

What if your group can help the lovesick out and raise money for their favorite charity at the same time? This is how my club raised $500 in only three days. Though I recommend you do this in school.

During Valentines Day, or any other holiday, an admirer can pay $1 so your club can secretly give a fizzy orange soda (or another gift everyone likes) to the person they admire (their Valentine) . The club also provides the admirer a small card (no extra charge) to write a note to his or her Valentine, but they do not have to put their real names on it if they don't want to. But, you will want to encourage the admirer's to write a note and put some type of signature since that's how the fundraiser will make more money. The admirer can sign their name as anything they like, like "Supershy lover" or something totally random.

On Valentines Day, your club will give the fizzy orange sodas to each admirers' Valentines. But do not give the Valentines the note or their admirer's name. By receiving fizzy sodas, it means that someone likes them. They are not supposed to know who it is yet.

But who is my secret admirer?

While drinking their sodas, they may be like "This is good soda. Someone actually likes me... but who? I just have to know." If they want to try and figure out who their secret admirer is, the people who received sodas have a three options:

  1. Pay $1 to see the note that their admirer's wrote to them (without the admirer's signature)
  2. Pay $1 to see the admirer's signature
  3. Pay $2 and do both

Get it? Admirer pays to give a love soda to their Valentine, the Valentine pays to see the admirer's note and/or to see what the admirer signed as. One crush raises $3. This is the perfect fundraiser for people in high school, since high school is where all the love drama happens. It may work in middle schools too.

Imagine if 20 people use your services, that's $40 if they pick one of the options; $60 if the valentine picks both options. Who wouldn't want to figure out who their secret admirer is, right?

Thanks LEI

This is a great fundraiser for high school. Who could resist finding out who their secret admirer was?

How frustrating if you paid the extra cash only to still find a signature like Supershy Lover! You could possibly make a bit more of the second part of this by having the message and signature in 2 different envelopes which you could tempt recipients of the Valentine Gifts with!

This idea may also work at other events - The high school dance, Easter eggs at Easter, Christmas gifts at Xmas etc.

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