Fundraising Thermometer

Fundraising thermometers are a great way to register the success of your fundraising campaigns.

Targets and branding your appeals

Fundraising Thermometer

Targets are important. People prefer to have specific goals to aim for. They can also help you organise and plan your fundraising strategies.

Some targets are clear and obvious

  • New church roof
  • New minibus
  • Cost of water pump in an African village
  • Cost of sports tour

These tend to be easier to raise funds for.

Others are less easily defined but no less vital to the work of many charities. Running costs fall into this category.

But fundraising for running costs is never easy. Somehow its just not "sexy".

Its here that great fundraisers will remember to tell their stories in their fundraising. Targets can help with this. They can give your campaign tangible goals that measure your progress and help get your message across.

Here are some examples:

  • 10,000 Dinners Project - Rather than running costs for the soup kitchen.
  • Student Hours Homework Club - Rather than The After School Project.
  • Eagles On The Road - Rather than fundraising for your Cheer Squad

Amazing what a bit of branding can do!

Charting your progress

Whether you are a school fundraiser, a church fundraiser or raising funds for a sports team or charity having a neat and easy-to-understand way of showing the total raised so far is an important part of all major fundraising campaigns.

Your volunteers will like to see their efforts registering a difference. With every dollar or pound raised pushing a little bit further towards the magic total.

Fundraising Thermometer Village Hall

This thermometer showing progress towards a village hall breaks the achivements down into phases.

Always good to see progress being made and interim targets achieved

Updating an old tradition

Fundraising thermometers are a traditional way of charting the progress made by all sorts of non-profit groups.

We all remember the large wooden board thermometers outside local churches and schools. For many groups these are still a popular way of publicising their campaigns.

In recent years of course the idea has been brought right up to date with online versions.

These simple computer gizmos now grace the websites of all sorts of groups and charities.

They look great and are cut-and-paste simple to install and update.

Get a free thermometer

Fundraising Thermometer

If you would like one of these great fundraising tools for use on your group's website please visit our friends at Fast Track Fundraising.

Click the link below and you will find easy instructions for setting up and running this great thermometer on your fundraising pages. It can be set to whatever totals and targets you choose.

Fundraising Themometer

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