Church Fundraiser YARD SALE

by Moncia Martinez

Church Yard Sale

Church Yard Sale

This is a 100% profit fund raising idea. However, it does require good organizational skills and some committed volunteers!

Ask your congregation to donate any large/small household items (personal items, bedding, towels and things of this nature are not recommended). Advertise on Craigslist and in your local newspaper. You could also put up posters and use flyers asking for donations.

Have plenty of tables and volunteers and sell, sell, sell! Donate left over items to your local homeless shelter, Goodwill, Women's Center, etc.

You can collect items days or weeks in advance (depending on the storage space you have available to hold all of the items). If your space is very limited, have donations come in the night before and have some of your guys "camp out" overnight to watch the items. Or, have the items dropped off the morning of the event (we have done this and although it is a lot of work, it is possible with plenty of hands to make the work load lighter!)

This has been a very very successful fundraiser for us in the past!

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