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Selling cheerleading uniforms and accessories helps keep costs down And is a great way to raise funds for your cheer squad.

The market to supply cheerleading clothing and accessories is extremely competitive. So shop around and make sure you are getting the best deal possible out of your main supplier.

You will be putting a lot of business their way so really play hardball and haggle hard.

If you are going to send people to a particular supplier there has got to be something in it for you.

Retail your own cheerleading uniforms

If you have the cash to make the investment you can make good money by buying outfits wholesale and retailing them yourselves. In this way you can raise funds on the sale of all your cheerleading clothing (or can ensure that it is sold at an affordable price to the whole squad). Have clothing and accessories available at all your events, competitions and larger training sessions.

Some squads will produce a simple brochure and collect a bunch of orders that can all be processed together at certain times of year. Again this works out cheaper and easier for everyone and can allow a profit margin to go into club funds.

There is also money to be made at events selling small uniform sets and cheerleading accessories to the parents of kids in the crowd.

"Package them up nicely. - What five year old girl doesn't need a set of pom poms ready to get practising for the next try outs! These little bits and pieces may seem like small change but they all add up.

Cheerleading Uniforms

Become an affiliate for a supplier

Other companies may offer affiliate marketing links. You send customers to them, usually via their websites. These customers are tagged as yours either by computer (known as cookies) or by the use of a promotion code from your organisation at the check out stage of any purchases. You will then receive a percentage of the sale.

Contact companies directly to see if they have an affiliate scheme.


There are many cheerleading clothing suppliers who will be glad to advertise on your club's notices, newsletters, yearbooks and website (if you have one). Make sure you are exploiting this to the max.

Others will be pleased to pay to send their cheerleading uniform catalogs with your mail outs.

Used cheerleading clothing

Clean second hand uniforms can be a steady little earner. Either sell donated items or organise a bring and buy day where you take a commission.

Design your own cheerleading uniforms

design cheerleading uniforms

This is always a really popular competition especially with younger girls.

It doesn't have to be restricted to members of your squad. Invite entries from youngsters at any event you attend. You may wish to provide a blank template cheerleader on a piece of A4 paper that they can take away and send in.

Charge a simple entry fee and offer a nice prize. This is a really great way to earn a bit of cash but also engage with the crowd at an event.

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