Cheerleading Fundraising
Working With Local Businesses

cheerleading fundraising

Cheerleading fundraising isn't difficult
You just need to think like a business

Working with local companies is an obvious way to raise funds for your squad. There are always lots of opportunities right on your doorstep if you are prepared to look.

There are all sorts of ways you can earn a fee for promotions and special events. But don't expect businesses to come rushing to your door. You need to get out there and show local firms that

Not only that they need you!

but also

How can they do without you!

Below are some easy fundraising ideas for working with local firms:

Advertising / Promotions

There are lots of ways you can help promote local firms and events. In fact cheerleading squads are a great way for smaller companies to add a bit of razza-matazz to all sorts of events in their calendars. A few nice cheerleading stunts, jumps and cheers can add a bit of sparkle, attracting customers and, importantly for businesses, the local press.

  • Grand Openings - A line of cheerleaders in uniform a few great fundraising chants and cheers. What better way to launch a new business?
  • Special Promotions - Liven up your sale with a rousing cheerleading routine!
  • Anniversaries - Its not just company launches that are worth celebrating! Get the team in for that anniversary.
  • Millionth Customer - Imagine the surprise on someone's face when they leave the store to find a troop of cheerleaders there ready to celebrate!
  • Retirements - What a way to leave! A lot more fun than a gold clock!

Serving the customers

Imagine people's surprise when they find that the usual staff have been given the afternoon off and instead "Here Come The Girls!

  • Cafes - Trolley Dollies with a difference.
  • Carwashes / Petrol Stations-Fill her up please
  • Shops - Serving on the tills, gift wrapping and carrying bags to the car.

All of these and many more can be made a little bit more special with a team of girls in cheerleading uniforms. What a great way to earn some cash and promote your squad.

Sponsorship and advertising

Finding a great sponsor is a brilliant move for any cheerleading squad.

Make sure you offer a good return to your sponsors. Its only polite to show how much you appreciate their help and makes the "ask" easier next year.

Don't only think about big sponsors. Finding a few smaller key advertisers who will place an add in your newsletter or are willing to sponsor a prize at an event are also useful contributors to your fundraising total.

Working with local businesses can really pay off.

Cheerleading fundraising doesn't have to be a drag. Put on your uniform and have some fun. That's what these companies are after and that's what they will pay for.

Cheerleading Business Ideas

So get to it and use your best cheerleading cheers and top cheerleading moves to have some fun and earn some cash!

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