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Rubber Chicken Chucking

Funny Fair Games - Rubber Chicken Chucking

Welly Wanging is so last year.
These days its got to be Rubber Chicken Chucking!

Funny fair games like this are guaranteed to get people laughing and queuing up to have a go!

So what exactly is Rubber Chicken Chucking?

Rubber Chicken Chucking is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Rubber chickens are thrown, tossed, lobbed or catapulted along a course all in the name of charity fundraising.

Chicken Chucking makes a brilliant addition to a Summer Fete or School Fair but also could easily be used as the main component of a stand-alone fundraising event.

Novel fundraising ideas like this are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face and have them queuing up to take part.

There are 2 versions of Chicken Chucking:

1. Distance - In distance chucking competitors try to hurl the chicken as far down the course as possible. All throws are marked with a stick or plastic plant label.

You may like to have separate competitions for adults (men and women) and kids. Use a leader-board showing the top 3 throws to encourage friendly rivalry and repeat attempts. Who is going to let themselves be beaten at chicken chucking?

At the end of the day the furthest throw wins and the Chicken Chucking Champion is crowned.

2. Chicken in a Basket / Chicken in a Bucket - In this version competitors try to land the chicken in a dustbin, or laundry basket from a set distance. Successful throws win a prize.

Where do you get Rubber Chickens?

Rubber chickens are available mail-order, on the internet or can usually be found at joke shops or as a dogs toy in pet stores.

Champion chicken chuckers tell us that greater distance can be achieved if the rubber chickens are weighted slightly!

Check out the rubber chickens on Amazon

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Alternatives to Rubber Chickens

Do not feel you should restrict yourself to chickens. There are all sorts of things that could make really funny fair games.

The local pet store or joke shop's rubber toys can be a good source of inspiration. Then you just need to come up with a good name!:

Flying Pigs - Pitch the Porker - Hog Hurling

Rubber Duck Chuck - Quacker Quoits - Stunt Ducks

Hurl the Hot Dog

Flying Spacehopper

Teddy Tossing ( this makes a great fundraiser for kids)


Skim the Stetson - can you land the cowboy hat on a target

Backwards Basketball- how far can you throw a basketball backwards over your head!

Welly Wanging - The old classic

Finding funny ideas for fair games is only limited by your imagination!

If you come up with a good idea of something to chuck please let us know and we will add it to this list.

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