Double Decker
A Very Simple Fundraising Idea

Simple Fundraising Idea
Simple Fundraising Idea With Cards

Double Decker is such a simple fundraising idea.
Perfect for fetes and fairs

You wont get a more simple fundraising idea than Double Decker. You might be surprised however what a great little money-maker it can be at your fete!

All you need are two sets of playing cards.

One set is laid out face upwards and stuck to a table or board.

You don't actually have to use the whole pack but you need both packs to have corresponding cards; that way you you can offer a prize every time.

Small prizes are then placed on each card. The majority of these can be real boobies - sweets, ballons, 1 penny pieces etc.  One or two of them  should have more substantial prizes on - cash, chocolate bars, toiletries etc.

You may wish to also have a really special star prize perhaps on one of the aces. In the example here you can see an Easter Egg on the ace in the middle.

Simple Fundraiser

In fact although we call this fete stall Double Decker you could also call it Find the Ace and have good prizes only on the aces. Of course you could choose any other number or picture card.

The stallholder then shuffles and offers the other pack of cards to competitors who choose a card blind by simply cutting the deck.They win whatever is on the card that matches the one they chose.

The fun is in having all the cards laid out and the majority winning a silly little trifle or sweet.

This is one of those stalls where having the right person manning it can make a lot of difference. At fairgrounds these people are called the "barkers"

You need a cheeky type who can really "big up" something simple and make it fun. Praise the winners for their skill in choosing the lucky cards! Tease the less successful and goad them into having another try etc.

At our school we like to have some fundraisers that the children can run on their own. We tried this at our school  Easter Fair. 2 of the older boys ran the whole thing themselves and it worked really well. The other children kept going back for yet another go. We only charged 10p per go and of course they all won the booby prize sweet on the card by way of compensation. I think the main prize was only one a couple of times. A very simple fundraiser that we will use again. CP - St Austell

Ok its a very simple fundraiser.
But its perfect for the village fete or school fair.

Give it a go - you will be very glad you did!

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